Saturday, 8 October 2011

We'll still be rockin' (in our rocking chairs) in years to come to this!!!

I must have listened to millions (well ok, maybe more like thousands, but a hell of a lot) of DJ mix sets over the years, but there is one that still remains my favourite and to be honest will IMHO probably never ever be bettered.
Yes, you've heard it before on the PCC blog, but the Chris and James - Essential Mix set from 1993 (on the blog also) is still in my mind, the greatest mix set ever performed.
I remember actually listening to it live (and taping it - on our C120 tapes - to get an hour each side with no breaks) when we were all round a mates house (on one of our rare clubbing weekends off).
I played that tape to death and made 2 extra copies, just in case I wore it out.
(We didn't have the luxury of mp3 in those days and not even the knowledge or technology to convert tape to CD!!).
Well, here's another great track from that mix set. I've probably posted nearly all the tracks from that mix set, not intentionally but just because individually there are all such fantastic tracks.
This one is, dare I say it, a typical Chris and James type track, energetic, vibey, totally rockin' and a bit out of the ordinary.
It bubbles and throbs and keeps exploding throughout.
It love the bit at the end - I haven't a clue what it say's although it sounds like "Mental, mental, mental???"
Another top, top choon!!!

Woomera - Retro-Euro-Vibe-Piece


marty19 said...

have you changed the password?

Pure Club Classics said...

Apologies, the passwords have not changed. There was an error when I uploaded. Please retry I've rechecked them all and all should be fine now. Best regards, PCC

gg said...

Some great oldschool shares on here. Mind sharing your passwords?