Sunday, 16 October 2011

Let's all strive for One Better World!!!

Another great Parky remix, this time alongside his Hacienda buddy Mike Pickering produced in 1989.
When you think of the dancefloor delights that those two have cooked up over the years in their various guises, there aren't many out these who can equal them for quality.
Parky's Remixes are always right on the button and always drop in that piano that we all love so much.
This is exactly one of those remixes.
It uses the vocals to great effect with a great punchy house vibe and layers of great synth and piano.
This one goes out to Smiler.
Enjoy fella - it's a great track.
Remember people, if anyone ever has any suggestions for tracks they think are worthy of PCC status let me know and we'll consider posting them.

ABC - One Better World
(Pickering Park Mix)


SkweezTheDj said...

Awsome tunage!
Loving it with all my might! Thanks for reminding me what a corker this is!!!

Manchestersimon said...

Love it love it love it. Thank you so much for this, an often forgotten but brilliantly creative time for ABC.

missyf said...

oh my i have always loved this one!

Rich Rowley said...

MONSTER TUNE!! danced my ass off to this one:)