Sunday, 16 October 2011

Have you got the Know How??

Probably one of the most widely played rap tracks on the club scene in the late 80/early 90's.
It is a superb track laid over the Theme from Shaft.
Young MC produced some great tracks when he burst onto the scene in '88.
This rap has so much vibe and attitude.
I'm generally not a big fan of rap tracks, but this was the business
"I Come Off" was also a huge track and worthy of a post on the PCC blog in the future.
This one goes out to Smiler.
Sorry I thought I had an acapella version, but I only have the original and the instrumental version.
In fact, I'm not sure that an acapella actually exists. I'm sure we had this debate about a year ago and nobody could hunt one down.
If anyone out there has an acapella, please could you send a link through for Smiler.

Young MC - Know How

Young MC - Know How


mick said...

top tune one of my favourites on vinyl

Chris said...

Love this track.

Also love when it's 'mashed up' with Asha - JJ Tribute

Anonymous said...