Thursday, 27 October 2011

Come into the daylight!!!

I've raved (no pun intended) many times on the PCC blog about the supreme quality of Jimmy Gomez remixes.
IMHO there is only Brothers In Rhythm remixes which surpass Jimmy G for pure quality.
Which puts Jimmy G (aka James Wiltshire, aka (one half of) Freemasons) up there as my No.2 all time favourite remixer (after BiR).
Check this out and you will understand why.
This remix is absolutely pure quality from start to finish - it takes you on a complete journey, through peaks, breakdowns, fantastic vocals "I know, I know, I know, I  know", amazing tempo changes, horns and wonderful melodic piano riffs.
Simply fantastic!!
If Jimmy Gomez remixes are new to you, check out his other work on the blog, you won't be disappointed.
Pure talent - simply stunning!!!

Big C featuring Alice - Daylight
(Jimmy Gomez Remix)


LeedsDJ said...

Top top tune. Still listen to the BIR Essential mix where they mixed the A side into the B side of this. Thanks very much for posting

Robster said...

I really love this and now want to hear the BIR Essential mix because of the comment above. Thx

LeedsDJ said...

Robster - look in the shoutbox on the front page of the site mate - there's a link in there to all the essential mixes, ever! I think it's one from 1996 if I remember rightly... although all BIR ones are worth getting!

Velvetpants said...

Like it :-)

Eckless said...

I'll admit it, very incredulous after the saxophone opening. But it goes very nicely from there!

technoguy78 said...

Thank you so much!!

nostalgiafor95 said...

Simply wonderful. The original Qattara mixes were a bit breaks oriented for me but Jimmy Gomez crafts a gorgeous sonic soundscape with this track; it is his best work in my opinion.