Thursday, 27 October 2011

A big shout out to VP!!!

This one goes out to the man with the Velvet Pants.
A great suggestion VP.
That's the great thing about running the blog, when people remind you of tracks which you've totally forgot about but totally love.
This is one of those such tracks.
I can remember boogie-ing away to this on the Hac dancefloor.
It's a superb remix by Mr Morales absolutely on the button with this one!!
Very similar in style to his remix of Mariah's Dream Lover (yes - top notch).
It's a massive feel good track with some delightful piano and of course those luscious Donna Summer vocals.
Thanks for the reminder VP - big up!!

Donna Summer - Melody Of Love
(Classic Club Mix)


LeedsDJ said...

Good tune - but have you listened to the Epris mix? Awesome! Such a mellow intro then it kicks in. Seek it out if you've not already...

Velvetpants said...

Very nice :-) Top tune

Anonymous said...

i love it

DLMPINOY said...

love the mix! am a donna summer fan! do you remixes of her song come with and wasted years - originally from the album Trilogy?