Saturday, 27 August 2011

This is progressive house!!!

Here's a true PCC from 1993 a perfect piece of progressive house!!
Guerilla produced some of the best Progressive House tracks ever made.
Spooky also made some storming tunes.
This one is probably the pick of them, it was certainly well ahead of it's time and IMHO still sands well above all the electro nonsense and manufactured trance which is made nowadays.
This one is a real floaty almost ambient vibe, very nice indeed!!
There's lots of good mixes of this track, but it is the Gargantuan mix that shades it for me.
Big shout out to Mike for the suggestion to post. Nice one fella!!

Spooky - Little Bullet
(Gargantuan Mix)


acidted said...

Great track. But the Spooky track that gets often overlooked is the slightly later single Mono. Lost classic.

Stakker1971 said...

A very big up to Charlie May & Duncan Forbes aka SPOOKY. A Favourite of the Sasha and Digweed sets of old (although not this mix). This is truly a PURE CLUB CLASSIC!!!!!

Jarno said...

Nice track, Guerilla is one of my favourite labels