Friday, 5 August 2011

Searching for Mr Graeme Park...

Most of the top club DJ's of yesteryear have popped by the blog at some point in time, but I'm yet to hear from Mr Park, which is surprising as he is a regular tweeter and even has his own "app" (which is well worth a download).
Let's see if we can try and get him to visit the blog, as there is tons of his stuff on here and the memories of those magic nights at the Hac will live in the memory of all those of us who were fortunate enough to have experienced them.
It's great to know that he's still out there DJ-ing and rocking the gaffs, well after we've all hung up our clubbing boots!!
Here is another classic GP remix.
A well known and pretty damn fabulous Luther vocal gets the Parky treatment to wonderful effect.
P.S. You may also notice that the piano riff was effectively used on Kathy Sledge's - Take Me Back To Love Again (another superb PCC- already posted!!)
P.P.S. I've also posted GP's logo, let's see if that has any effect!!

Change - Searching
(The Parkside Remix)


Rob said...

One of my all time fave DJ and remixer. Top remix: Sexual by Maria Rowe

Pure Club Classics said...

Hi Rob, I'm with you buddy. Mariah Rowe - Sexual was one of the first tracks I posted on the blog, many moons ago, Regards, PCC

Manchestersimon said...

Just the best blog site ever, with some great recent posts. Thank you so much for your hard work!

pidge said...

OOO I think realy he made a beat of a tune sound even better with GET BACK TO LOVE by BNH.

Just love these old vocal piano monsters that sit between 110-125 bpm. Why most tunes these days seem to need to have ridiculously fast BPMs is beyond me and th likes of David Guetta is bastardising dance music!!!!

paulah said...

I'm warming up for Mr Park at the end of sept, (so honoured and excited) I'll mention this blog to him

Pure Club Classics said...

Nice one Paula, an honour indeed. It'd be great if you could get the great man onto the blog. Respect, PCC