Friday, 5 August 2011

Feel the euphoria, oh yeah!!!

Now the regular visitors to the PCC blog, will know of my liking for piano tunes, and I keep on posting them because I know that all of you out there, simply love them too.
There's only 2 words to sum up this track "Piano Monster"!!
From start to finish the piano bangs, with some truly great "hands in the air" moments.
This was always an absolute corker to hear out in clubs, put simply; it rocked.
Old Skool piano tunes will live forever!!
Enjoy (and feel the euphoria)!!

Analysis - Euphoria
(Temple Mix)


boscfc said...

Bona Fide hands in the air classic.

Peaking music .. and no mistake...

LeedsDJ said...

Just listening now - amazing piano, love this kinda stuff! Cheers

Ignacio said...

I love it this version, piano is life jejeje.

pidge said...

Nothing complicated, simple beats hands in the air piano, what dance music really is!

Dioxy said...

That familiar cold chill down the spine that accompanies the piano. Oh yes.

steelo said...

oh yes, i love this piano tunes. thanks for sharing.

please hook me up with the pw.

thanks in advance

Titianwarrior said...

I have this on vinyl!