Saturday, 27 August 2011

This'll have you rockin'!!!!

There was some really positive feedback for the last mix set that I posted from Pete-Nic, made up of tracks from the blog.
Well here's another which is equally as good.
It contains several of my all times faves and some really special tracks.
Nice one Pete-Nic - Top Man!!!

Get on it people, it's rockin'!!!!

If any other budding DJ's out there wish to make mix sets of tracks posted on the blog, then I'd be happy to hear them and if the're good post them.

1:Chris Rea - Josephine (Chris & James Mix)
2:Everything But The Girl - Missing (Chris & James Mix)
3:Liquid - One Love Family (Chris & James Mix)
4:Paul Kaulkbrenner vs Robin S - Show Me Love Sky
5:Texas - Inner Smile (Stonebridge Classic Mix)
6:Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
7:Chris & James - Fox Force Five
8:Billie Ray Martin - Imitation Of Life (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
9:Billie Ray Martin - Your Loving Arms (Brothers In Rhythm Mix)
10:Dubstar - Stars (Way Out West Remix)
11:Placebo - Every You Every Me ( Brothers In Rhythm Glam Mix)
12: Ian Brown - F.E.A.R (Unkle Remix)

This is progressive house!!!

Here's a true PCC from 1993 a perfect piece of progressive house!!
Guerilla produced some of the best Progressive House tracks ever made.
Spooky also made some storming tunes.
This one is probably the pick of them, it was certainly well ahead of it's time and IMHO still sands well above all the electro nonsense and manufactured trance which is made nowadays.
This one is a real floaty almost ambient vibe, very nice indeed!!
There's lots of good mixes of this track, but it is the Gargantuan mix that shades it for me.
Big shout out to Mike for the suggestion to post. Nice one fella!!

Spooky - Little Bullet
(Gargantuan Mix)

Saturday, 13 August 2011

An absolute corker of a mix set!!!

Grab a load of this.
A fantastic set by Pete-Nic mixed from tracks posted on the PCC blog.
The track slection is superb and contains some of my all time faves.
The mixing is also different class.
I love the mix between "I'll be there for you" and "the pleasure" - quality!!
The mix between "don't make me wait" and "you and me" is also class, when the piano is banging in and the crunchy beats of "You and me" come in underneath. Lovely!!
Here's the full track listing - different class - believe me!!!

1:Tinman - Eighteen Strings (Chris and James Remix)..

2:Beat Syndicate - Dancing Daffodils ...

3:House of Virginism - I'll Be There For You ( Do Ya ) ...

4:Medium High - The Pleasure (Chris and James Remix)...

5:Loveland- Don't Make Me Wait (Full On Vocal Mix)...

6: Rhyme Time Productions - You And Me ...

7:Sam Ellis - Club Lonely (Luvdup Mix)...

8 :Womack & Womack - Teardrops (Luvdup Mix)

9:Anthony White - Love Me Tonight (Gomez Rocks the Joint Mix) ...

10:Tiesto & Nelly Furtado - Who Wants To Be Alone....

11:Placebo - Every You Every Me (Brothers In Rhythm Glam Club Mix)

12:Chris Rea - Josephine (Chris and James Remix)

Bent over double about this!!!

Now and again tracks come along which really blow you away.
This is one of those such tracks.
It is absolutley exquisite.
A fantastic example of beautifully created laid back house music (from 2001).
The track has such an amazing feel and atmosphere.
It is a truly stunning remix by Ashley Beedle, the vocals are very wayout, but the whole tempo and emotion of the track is just stunning.
House music of the very finest quality.
When you compare this to some of the electro bleepy nonsense produced nowadays, there really is no comparison.
P.S. Hope you like the picture, brings a new meaning to Bend it like Beckham!!

Bent - Always
(Ashley Beedle's Mahavishnu Remix)

One of the all time PCCs

When I first started this blog, I purposely decided not to start by posting all the tracks which were really well known and everybody either knew about or already had.
Hence, I avoided posting tracks like Voodoo Ray, Promised Land, Let Move Love You For Tonight, House Music Anthem etc.
Most of these tracks were pretty much available on Compilation CDs etc.
However, the time has come to sprinkle a few in.
They are such wonderful tunes and the memories and emotions that they gave so many clubbers will always maintain their status as PCCs.
This is one of my favourites. Hearing this in a club was such a fabulous and emotional experience, you would just float away on a cloud of bliss.
I've mentioned many times of the blog that I'm not a great fan of male vocals, however Keith Thompson's vocal on this are exceptional.
The whole feel and atmosphere of the track, with the wonderfully subtle and understated piano is just spot on!!
You can't beat the enthusiastic panting in the background as well. Ooh err Missus!!
(It's not quite French Kiss, but not a long way off. Lol!!)
I'm sure you all have some great clubbing memories of this one.
There's been loads of remixes and re-working done of this, but none can touch the original.
Tracks such as this which are so inspirational and influential should not be tampered with!!

Raze - Break For Love
(Original Mix)

Friday, 5 August 2011

Searching for Mr Graeme Park...

Most of the top club DJ's of yesteryear have popped by the blog at some point in time, but I'm yet to hear from Mr Park, which is surprising as he is a regular tweeter and even has his own "app" (which is well worth a download).
Let's see if we can try and get him to visit the blog, as there is tons of his stuff on here and the memories of those magic nights at the Hac will live in the memory of all those of us who were fortunate enough to have experienced them.
It's great to know that he's still out there DJ-ing and rocking the gaffs, well after we've all hung up our clubbing boots!!
Here is another classic GP remix.
A well known and pretty damn fabulous Luther vocal gets the Parky treatment to wonderful effect.
P.S. You may also notice that the piano riff was effectively used on Kathy Sledge's - Take Me Back To Love Again (another superb PCC- already posted!!)
P.P.S. I've also posted GP's logo, let's see if that has any effect!!

Change - Searching
(The Parkside Remix)

Feel the euphoria, oh yeah!!!

Now the regular visitors to the PCC blog, will know of my liking for piano tunes, and I keep on posting them because I know that all of you out there, simply love them too.
There's only 2 words to sum up this track "Piano Monster"!!
From start to finish the piano bangs, with some truly great "hands in the air" moments.
This was always an absolute corker to hear out in clubs, put simply; it rocked.
Old Skool piano tunes will live forever!!
Enjoy (and feel the euphoria)!!

Analysis - Euphoria
(Temple Mix)