Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Shamen's finest hour!!!

I was never a big fan of The Shamen, (or Mr C's DJ-ing for that matter) but this is IMHO their finest hour by far.
This mix is simply awesome.
(You can almost forgive them for Ebeneezer Goode for this one). I did say almost!!
From start to finish it is full of explosive energy, a corking piano stomper of a track, guaranteed to knock your socks off.
There are loads of other mixes of this track, some good, some not, but none as good as this.
Strap your self down, buckle up tight and prepare for lift off.
If you like some of the LuvDup tracks and remixes I've posted then you'll like this.
A big shout out to Ed for providing the inspiration for this one.
Nice one fella.

The Shamen - Destination Eschaton 
(Vission Lorimer Dome Mix)


acidted said...

Can't agree with you on this one. The Shamen had many fine moments. Pro>Gen, Make It Mine, Jesus Loves Amerika. In fact, most things from EnTact.

pidge said...

I am up and down when it comes to the Shamen. Some of their tracks were brilliant (See POSSIBLE WORLDS) and even their more commercial stuff was good. The epic fail for me was that they release their album with all their hits on with the underground mixes on and people were disappointed!!

Yorkshire23 said...

Surely Progen was the Shamen's finest moment. Although i never really rated them after this because of their lean towards a more commercial sound. There were some outstanding remixes and this has to be my favorite Phorever People - Beatmasters Heavenly mix

Yorkshire23 said...

wrong remix!!!!! I meant the Todd Terry remix.

DjHiram said...

hey papi, got me curious about this track, Im not into this group, can u send me the link,ty