Saturday, 23 July 2011

It's been 3 days to the hour, since you've been gone..

I totally love this track,  it has one of the best and most dramatic intro's ever.
The rest of the track is good but it's the intro that really does it for me
It was often one which DJ's used to use to open their sets, as that intro was so great.
All in all a top house track from 1994 and one which brings back some great memories.
I always remember this being a big track at Love To Be in Sheffield back in 1994.
P.S. For all you budding DJ's out there - try opening your set with this it'll go down a storm!!
P.P.S. - This track has absolutely nothing to do with the Rick (G)Astley version - I promise (other than sharing the same title). Lol

Ruby Turner - Never Gonna Give You Up
(Big Bump Mix)


Anonymous said...

Takes a while to get going, but once it does, this really kicks!

Mark S said...

Bump mixes usually did take a while to get going, they loved doing the epic mixes ala B.I.R.

I wished they had released this mix on CD format though.

Love It!

mrblack said...

this is an absolute tune, i have been after a copy of this for years.
is this the full mix or taken from the only mix i have erver heard it on which was the fantazia house collection vol 1 :)

how do i go about getting the password for this ?

Dioxy said...

Quite an intro..

mrblack said...

truely awesome tune but i still cant play or download the the link ? any advise ?