Friday, 15 July 2011

Rock to the beat, said rock to the beat!

Coming at you with another huge house classic.
This track has always been huge and still sounds fantastic today despite it being 21 years old.
Reese was another alter ego for the great Kevin Saunderson (House music legend and later of Inner City fame).
The track is simply a timeless classic.
The Hitman mix is always the one that does it for me.
Come on " Rock to the beat, said rock to the beat"
A true PCC!!

Reese - Rock To The Beat
(Hitman Mix)


commonpeopleparty said...

this is my first time hearing this, and WOW. magic.

Philphila said...


ed.1 said...

how can i listen to all the songs while there's no media player in it ?

Anonymous said...

wow - been searchin for this for so long - thanx