Saturday, 9 July 2011

One for the latino's!!!!

This is an absolutely fantastic track, totally full of energy from start to finish.
It's got an amazing pounding rhythm yet remains funky and uplifting throughout.
You'll know the superb vocals, but it's that thumping bouncing piano driven vibe that makes it.
The track just keeps getting better and better from start to finish.
Just wait until it steps up another gear again at 2mins 2 secs - very LuvDup-ish.
Just a quality, quality track.
I'm sorry if you don't like this, you ain't got a dancing bone in your body.
Enjoy - you can't but not!!!
And here's another great pic of our favourite Latino - take a bow J-Lo.

Tito Puente Jr & The Latin Rhythm - Oye Como Va
(House Mix)


Jack said...

It's a shame you're so needy of validation that you've more or less locked up this site to people who find it by accident.

Sometimes there's not that much to say about a tune, you just like it.

Sometimes people don't have time to log in and file comments.

So sometimes you just go and find these tunes elsewhere.

It's a shame you ruined a cool site. No doubt your next move will be to charge subscription fee?

See you later.

Pure Club Classics said...

Glad that you won't be visiting again. The last thing we want on this site is freeloaders like you. If you can't be bothered to leave a few quick comments after we've spent many hundreds of hours posting all these great tracks, then please jog on and freeload from someone else.

tsomo2000 said...

large tuneage...quality.

Mark S said...

I believe Joey Musaphia is behind the remix you posted?

Great stuff PCC!

cbc6666 said...

i just find this blog, iand i think is pretty cool, i wonder if if possible to have a pass for this track thank you.