Saturday, 9 July 2011

In your dreams!!!!!

Another huge favourite of mine from back in the day.
This was remixed in 1995 and was a massive club hit on all the nations best dance floors.
A cover of the classic Fleetwood Mac original (from 1977 - which still sounds great).
Wild Colour were another alias for Oakey and Steve Osbourne, which explains why the track was so good.
There were lots of mixes of this one, but two really stood out for me.
The Perfecto mix was probably the most widely played out in clubs, but it is the BT mix that does it for me.
All 11 mins 45 secs of it. It takes you on a great journey with lots of superb piano chords and great use of the vocals.
Immense indeed.
Dreams do come true - believe it!!!

Wild Colour - Dreams
(BT's Circadian Mix)

Wild Colour - Dreams
(Perfecto Club Mix)


V Yotoku said...

This is one of my top 10 favorite tracks. Thanks for posting :D

Anonymous said...

All BT's early stuff is phenomenal

DLMPINOY said...

beautiful tracks. thanks for posting these immense music.

ignacio said...

nice song, thanks for sharing

Moronic said...

incedible! had to snag both! cheers