Sunday, 31 July 2011

A big Oakey number....

A big Oakey track from back in 1999.
It couples the brilliance of Radiohead with a driving pumping trance beat.
The Radiohead track is hauntingly beautiful (as with most Radiohead tracks), it has a lovely guitar loop and some superb vocals.
You mix this with a pounding beat and you have a bonafide PCC.
A superb track!!

Wonky vs. Radiohead - Street Spirit


Jon said...

Oooh!! Loved this in the day - had it on white label & just ripped in over the last weekend to Mp3.

Chris Horner said...

I remember hearing this on the Essential Mix, more late 90s trance please PCC.

Anonymous said...
no pw

LeedsDJ said...

Another classic - but then most Oakey's from this era were. He's back at the mo with 'Full on Fluoro' mix show - hunt them down, well worth it, back to trance greatness!