Saturday, 4 June 2011

In the mix - Twin Peaks!!!

Well after a somewhat obscure and controversial last post which got some varied comments, here's back at you with a real old skool fave.
Lots of "hands in the air" piano, just how we like it.
Another great example of classic Italian Piano House from 1991.
Having not been a Twin Peaks fan, I'm not quite sure what the actual relevance is to the show.
Maybe a sample somewhere in there?
Anyway, who cares it's a great old skool piano tune.
"In the mix - Twin Peaks" indeed!!

Laura Palmer featuring Twin Peaks' Killer -
In The Mix (Twin Peaks) 
(Diane Club Version)


Anonymous said...

Top tune!! Thanks

nigeyb said...

Gotta say I didn't know this track but wanted to listen to it out of an affection for Twin Peaks. It's a monster. Must have sent dancefloors into a frenzy. It got me bouncing round my kitchen too.

Deejay Garry said...

very nice blog...keep it up