Saturday, 11 June 2011

Happiness.... is just round the bend!!

It's always great to have suggestions for tracks to post.
I have a folder with approx 250 tracks lined up to post which regularly gets topped up and replenished, but there's nothing better than having a great suggestion which I've either forgotten about or even better not come across before.
This falls in the former category (one I'd forgotten about).
A big shout out to Jason for reminding of this one.
The track's a real quality house track with some fabulous uplifting piano, some great horn and those inspiring vocals, a true PCC.
Cheers fella this one goes out to you.
Enjoy people and remember if you're ever feeling blue - "Happiness is just round the bend".

Brooklyns Poor and Needy 
Happiness (Is Just Round The Bend)
(Free Cheese Mix)


Philphila said...

Good one!

commonpeopleparty said...

i'd never heard this before. brilliant!

Jason Hunter said...

I used to spin at Love2be in Sheffield and had to thank my pal Tony Walker, who was as good as any big name at the time for introducing this to me-so cheers Tony for that and PCC for posting it:))

oldskoolranger said...

nice one PCC. Jason - Tony and Love 2 Be rocked. happy days

deepfat said...

Memories of Swoon in stafford 95 - 96! Wish i could go back days of my life.

Anonymous said...

Hello PCC :)

any chance of a re - up, been looking for this everywhere

Pure Club Classics said...

Hi Buddy, it's up again now.
Enjoy, Regards, PCC