Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Sugar baby love, sugar baby love.......

Everyone has their favourite old DJ mix tapes.
One of my favourite ever was from a night at Vague in 1993 when the LuvDup Twins played.
It was probably one of the most eclectic sets I've heard, but also one of the most brilliant.
It totally epitomised what in my opinion the word "Balearic" truly stood for, a complete mish mash of styles, disco, mixed with funk, mixed with pop, mixed with house, mixed with cheese, mixed with handbag, mixed with all time classics, there is absolutely everything in that mix set. It is sensational.
If anyone wants to hear it, remind me to post it one day.
I've managed to track down nearly all the tracks from that set and many are posted on the blog.
This was one of the few that I hadn't tracked down and it was just typical of the set they played (although the version they played was without vocals. However, the vocals IMHO make it even better).
This was sort of track that no other DJ's would play, but so uplifting and amazing in a club like Vague, where absolutely anything goes.
Some may think it's a bit cheesy, but I think it is absolutely fantastic, just so uplifting.
It was originally released back in 1974, but this was remixed in 1987 by Joe Glasman.
A huge PCC in my book, tried and tested on the UK's finest dancefloors.

The Rubettes - Sugar Baby Love
(Remix Extended Version)



acidted said...

OMG WTF!? This is beyond cheese. Far, far beyond. This is when the milk goes green and lumpy.

Philphila said...

Wow, this is over the top!

chris said...

I was there too, I remember the crowd going ballistic to this. Any chance of the password please?

Anonymous said...

This is a bit too mental for me... lsitening to it in my kitchen, making dinner... however if I was out at 4 am and the dj dropped this I would probably think... nice one... !!

nigeyb said...

I grew up in the 70s spending unhealthy amounts of time glued to wunnerful Radio 1. I can remember this riding high in the charts. Never a massive fan of The Rubettes but I've always liked the song. Got to say this versh is bloody brilliant and I would unashamedly be going mental if I ever heard this in out a club. Bop she wally, bob she wally....

Pure Club Classics said...

Thanks for some great feedback NigeyB, keep searching the rest of the blog, I'm sure you'll find plenty more tracks which you like, best regards, PCC

Anonymous said...

Hello, I´m looking for THE RUBETTES - Sugar baby love )remix 1987 or 1986) but only this version. Can someone help me? My e-mail address: okorila@azet.sk