Sunday, 15 May 2011

Staying on the sample theme...

Here's another one.
This was a big hit on the UK dancefloors back in 1992.
Again it relies on the sample to really make it effective.
This time it is a sample from one of my other great favourite bands - Simple Minds.
Simple Minds and U2 were probably my favourite bands in the 80's they both produced some amazing tracks.
U2 went on to bigger and better and global super stardom and Simple Minds just sort of disappeared.
Probably due to Jim Kerr marrying Patsy Kensit, she seems to have a pedigree for destroying music bands through unsuccessful marriages. Lol.
Back to the track, it's kind of simple, but very catchy based on a really effective loop and of course the great riff from Simple Minds superb track - "New Gold Dream".
It was certainly a big track on the UK club scene back in the day.

U.S.U.R.A. - Open Your Mind
(Classic Mix)


Chris Horner said...

Great tune but don't forget about the "Total Recall" sample.

LeedsDJ said...

Yeah, the weird 'in the stomach' guy called Kuato said it!! Top tune, and top film!

Jazzchilli said...

If you like this, check out a mix of old progressive house from the same era, inspired by crusty Yellow Pages DJ Day V Lately at