Saturday, 28 May 2011

A seminal club classic for certain!!

This was a major track back in 1995.
It was played by most of the big DJ's of the time and it used to have the most amazing effect on the dancefloor.
You probably won't recognise it by it's title, but as soon as you hear that "whooping", you'll definitely remember it.
The intor bassline is simply stunning and very enticing, the track is also under layed by some great tingly piano and some lovely vocal snippets.
The "whooping" is very similar to the effect Ramirez and Pizarro's "Hablando" had and it used to send everyone into a real frenzy on the dancefloor.
A really superb track and a PCC of the highest order.
It still sounds amazing today, which is always the test of a track's quality.
Enjoy, it'll certainly put you in the "mood".

Desert - Moods
(Club Mix)


martine wilson said...

Agreed a tune of the highest order, when the track changes midway through, its insane, heard the great sasha play this in Space Ibiza 95!!

DLMPINOY said...

great track. I have an amazing time listening to it; brings back memories of the early 90s

Anonymous said...

love it when the piano hits

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