Saturday, 7 May 2011

Pacific old, Pacific new??

808 State were truly one of the great dance music pioneers.
They produced tracks and sounds never really heard before and created some immense dance tracks.
Pacific (State) was arguably their best (some may say Cubik) and was a true anthem of the 1989 era.
It even crossed over reaching number 10 in the UK charts.
It will always remain as one of the great acid house tracks and everyone has a great memory of the first time they heard it and the effect it had. That sax riff will go down in dance music history.
This is the best version IMHO and better than Pacific 202.
Fast forward to 2006 and James Wiltshire (aka Jimmy Gomez) produces a re-working of absolutely immense proportions.
By the remix title I'd guess it also has Steve Anderson involved, which would probably explain why it is so bloody good.
The track is totally amazing it starts off a bit slow (so be patient give it time to build), it then kicks into a delicious piano riff, it continues to builds with some huge synth stabs, then continues to build further as the (Pacific) sax riff comes in. The track then continues to build even further until the piano kicks in again and it feels like the roof is about to come off.
Believe me this track is immense!! A really superb re-working!!
Pacific old or Pacific new?? Who cares they are both bloody fantastic!!

808 State - Pacific

Freemasons - Pacific

(Anderson Suek Full Jazz Remix)


acidted said...

the 808 State veriso is class. doubt the Freemasons can match it but willing to give them a go.

Velvetpants said...

Yeah, Freemasons mix is just ok in my opinion.
Dunno if you heard this mix from last year. A much better remake I think.

You'll have to copy and paste link from my 4shared as it doesn't seem to let me hyperlink

Velvetpants said...

Bah..Internet police took it away from me. Final warning, gonna shut down my 4shared account if happens again.
Reupped here, grab it quick if u want it.

Philphila said...

Beautiful stuff, thanks for sharing!

Mark S said...

Whoever remakes this classic from 808 State needs to hear the original again in my opinion.

The remixes from 1998 were not all that either.

Shamus said...

this was a nice laidback bootleg remix in 2003

But the Pacific 909 (Mellow Birds Mega Edit) from 1989 remains for me the most monumental version, clocking at almost 10 minutes of nonstop beats, keyboards and birds galore!

If someone wants to hear them, I can send the links to PCC so he can up them.

Titianwarrior said...

This is one of the tracks that turned me from being an indie kid