Saturday, 21 May 2011

Old vs New?....both awesome!!!!

I've been meaning to post the 12" version of Smalltown Boy for some time, as it is absolutely awesome. You will all know the shorter version, but the full 12" version is just something else.
The whole atmosphere and feel of the track is simply beautiful. It dates back to 1984 but still sounds amazing.
The words are also very deep and I guess that they would have been very inspirational to lots of young men growing up struggling to come to terms with a world that at that time didn't fully approve of their choice of sexuality.
Moving on, I've just come across a fantastic blog which has some of the best new dance music about.
There are lots of blogs out there that just post endless amounts of tracks without really ensuring that the tracks they are posting are absolutely superb dance music gems.
I've always taken huge care in this respect when posting tracks on the PCC blog and to date I've posted getting on 1000 of what are (IMHO) the greatest dance music tracks ever.
Well as mentioned, I've just come across another blog, who also seems to take great care in only posted the highest quality tracks, so please people check it out, you'll be glad you did, the link is below
Unlike the PCC blog which only (usually) posts tracks from those halcyon clubbing days (1987-2000), the Fresh House Tune blog posts all new tracks.
I came across a superb remix of Smalltown Boy from there, which I take no shame in pinching and posting here.
It's a really sensational remix, which keeps all the good bits from the original but gives it a complete update and facelift, with a great bouncing beat, some brilliant piano and a lovely re-worked vocal. It's absolutely top notch.
Old vs. new which is better??
IMHO you just can't beat the original, but this new remix is very, very good.
Old vs. New? Let me know your thoughts.
(In terms of the VW Golf's - you can't beat those old MK II - they were boss in the days!!)

Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy
(12" Version)

Alex Gray Feat. Ann Bailey - Smalltown Boy 
(Rolvario Remix)


Manchestersimon said...

Bronski Beat every time. Not only was the original a trailblazer in terms of message, the production was outstanding too.

Didn't they do a remix album?

Chris Horner said...

The original is much better, of the modern versions I prefer the Supermode version which uses the synth sample only.

jota said...

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Philphila said...

This is, for all the reasons you state, a landmark recording. Thanks for posting the extended version, it's just that much more of a very good thing!