Saturday, 28 May 2011

Just Love To Infinity!!

I started this blog back in February 2009 and people often ask me what inspires me and enthuses me to keep posting tracks.
Well after posting approaching 900 of the greatest club tracks of all time, my enthusiam and passion for dance music still burns just as strongly.
One of the key things which helps to retain this passion is coming across "new" music (tracks which I haven't heard before) and this is what makes your suggestions and interaction so important.
Here's such a track, recommended to me by Woochifer, who has provided some great feedback and suggestions on the blog.
About the track, well the Pet Shop Boys produced some truly superb tracks, match them with the Love To Infinity remix team and you know you are going to get a piano laden house stomper.
This is exactly that, lots of great cascading piano and some great female vocals intermingled with Neil Tennant's unique vocals.
Big shout out to Woochifer - keep them coming buddy!!

Pet Shop Boys - Before
(Classic Paradise Mix)


Woochifer said...

Appreciate the shout out, and glad that my suggestions led to some new discoveries. I only recently started organizing my favorite mid-90s house tracks, and found the Love to Infinity Classic Paradise imprint on many of them. It was purely by accident that I found this Pet Shop Boys mix already in my CD collection, and made the connection to the other Love to Infinity mixes.

It's a great track, and the Bilingual album that it came from spawned quite a few other good remixes. With PSB, it's well worth looking for the special editions (or first editions) of their CD releases, because those will include a second disc with remixes, alternate takes, and B-sides. Those bonus tracks are often more interesting than a lot of what's on the original album.

With the Love to Infinity tracks, Judy Cheeks' "As Long As You're Good To Me" and Gloria Estefan's "You'll Be Mine (Party Time)" are also stellar tracks.

acidted said...


commonpeopleparty said...

Absolutely huge remix. The piano on this absolutely can't be beat.

Philphila said...

This is a thing of beauty.

Woochifer said...

Staying with the Pet Shop Boys, I just rediscovered the mixes that David Morales did for PSB's 1999 follow-up album, Nightlife.

His remix for "I Don't Know What You Want But I Can't Give It Any More" is a great adaptation of a brilliant song.

Then, there's the retro tinged classic "New York City Boy" that Morales co-wrote with Tennant/Lowe.

lee74 said...

you could never go wrong dropping a love to infinity track!! that said still gets hands in the air now!