Sunday, 1 May 2011

It was a Perfect Day!!!!

Now I've never been a huge fan of the royals, although fiercely patriotic (is there a bit of hypocrisy there??).
However, I  like 2 billion other people, was pretty transfixed by the Royal Wedding.
It was a truly fantastic event and it made be feel hugely proud to be British.
With all the negativity which goes on in the world today, it brought a huge feel good factor back to the nation and showed the world what a truly fantastic country we live in.
It was indeed a Perfect Day!!!
It also brought great memories back of my own Wedding Day, which (along with the birth of my two children), is still one of the greatest days in my life!!
Back to the music, this one's been posted before and I've also had it on YouTube for a while, it is a massive fave of mine and is another truly fantastic Chris and James remix.
When they describe it as an Epic Adventure it is truly that.
It starts quite slow, so be patient, but it then just builds and builds into some huge piano breakdowns and is IMHO pretty sensational.
A perfect track in memory of a Perfect Day!!

EMF - Perfect Day
(Chris and James Epic Adventure)


qu said...

really a good song

leo jeremia said...

very nice

Anonymous said...

nice one!