Sunday, 15 May 2011

Come on Oakey!!!!

It's been a while since I posted any Oakey trance.
This was a big fave of mine back in 1998 and I seem to remember Oakey kicking off one of his Essential Mixes with this track.
It's a got a superb haunting vocal
"Turn it around baby"
"Spend more time with me"
"Try to believe you, try to believe you"
backed with a superb melodic trance vibe.
Great remix by the Space Brothers who produced some great stuff back then also.
Top dollar.
Get on it!!!

Alena - Turn It Around 
(Space Brothers Rethink)


LeedsDJ said...

Another great Oakey track - aren't they all though...

Anonymous said...

pass doesnt seem to work for this track

Marcus said...

Clubtastic :)

Bazza JFM Stone said...

Paul's an old Mate from back in the Early 80's and was always on the Edge with New Music and he continues to Excel.

Peace n Love

Barrie Stone:-)