Saturday, 14 May 2011

The art of using a great sample....

The large majority of dance music tracks pinch their inspiration and sample other great classic tracks, which is often the critical ingredient to their success.
This is a classic example, nobody can mistake the riff taken from U2's "New Year's Day", which was a fantastic piece of music in it's own right.
The riff is used to very good effect in this Hyperlogic track as soon as it kicks in.
The track originally came out in 1995, but was then remixed further in 1998.
Tin Tin Out were masters at producing remixes that were both good on the dancefloor, but also had a just of a commercial appeal to them.
The track takes a while to build again, but when that riff kicks in again at 5 mins 10 secs, it a huge "hands in the air" moment!!!
All in all this is just a great track (mainly thanks to that fantastic U2 riff).
Probably a bit too cheesy for the purists out there, but hey ho, some cheese is vital for a balanced musical diet!! LOL!!

Hyper Logic - Only Me
(Tin Tin Out Remix)


Anonymous said...

Well, if Utah Saints can do it over the course of an entire record...

LeedsDJ said...

Crackin tune, remember this one fondly!

Nigel said...

awesome and i love the other several mixes too :0)