Friday, 15 April 2011

Can't get no sleep??

This was one of my favourite house tracks.
It first came out in 1993 and it was one of those tracks that just never went away.
This is my favourite version, a remix by Morales which was done in 1995.
The track is a pure house classic which truly demonstrates the talents of Vega and Gonzalez.
The vocals by India are first class as well.
The Morales remix is as you would expect bouncy with some great piano.
Did it get overplayed back in the day?
Yes, probably, but only because it was so bloody good!!!

Masters At Work - I Can't Get No Sleep 
(Morales Late Night Mix)


Alexis said...

Bit to much of a plodder for me but easy listening.

SKINandBONΞS said...

oh damn...only heard the original Faithless version. Will have to check this out for sure!!

Woochifer said...

Great track, but I recall it used as more of a transitional track. I rarely heard it for any great length of time at clubs.

For whatever reason, I've heard this mixed in with Masters at Work's "The Bounce" quite a bit. I guess it makes sense given that's how it was done on one of their compilations.