Saturday, 2 April 2011

Can you feel the temperature rising??

Well maybe not outside in Blighty, but you certainly used to when these two tracks were dropped.
Both were huge tracks back in 1991.
I remember Sasha used to drop the PKA track regularly.
It's strange that two tracks came out very much at the same time with very much the same theme.
I'm not sure which came first, but as a punt I would suggest that the PKA pilfered from the Monica De Luxe version? (Can anyone enlighten me?)
Nevertheless, the are both huge piano anthems - 1991 was certainly the year of piano anthems - proper old skool.
I love it when the Monica De Luxe version slows down and then comes back out you - hot!
If I had to choose a favourite though it would have to be the PKA track, the intro is immense and it used to blow the roof off, then when the piano kicks in - heaven!!!
Two amazing old skool classics!!

Monica De Luxe - The Temperature's Rising
(UK Club Mix)

PKA - Temperature Rising 
(Bigger & Better Mix)


MBari said...

Thats a great song have u changed the pass?

Richard said...

both great tunes

Simon said...

PKA everytime!!

Dioxy said...

Not one PKA track that I don't like.