Saturday, 9 April 2011

Are you a Hot Shot??

Although most of the music posted on the blog is typically 1987 to 2000, there wouldn't have been all that fantastic music produced if it wasn't for the disco era before it laying all the foundations.
This is one of my favourites from that disco era.
It is a truly stupendous track with such amazing energy and a funky flow and brilliant powerful vocals.
It is a total PCC without a doubt.
It is now 33 years old and it still sounds absolutely brilliant.
A Hot Shot indeed!!!
Get on it!!

Karen Young - Hot Shot


grunty said...

long time lurker here, haven't been on for a while - had to comment on this, an all time classic if ever there was one!

Bloo said...

This is a track from when I used to go clubbing, god I'm old! but one of the best. Remember playing this and Chic Le freak when 12"'s 1st appeared.