Sunday, 20 March 2011

A hot new track..... get on it!!!

Now as many of you will know, nearly all the tracks posted on this blog are pre 2000, as IMHO the quality of music; dance, house etc was so much better in those periods (1987 to 2000) and only the finest quality club classics get posted.
However, every now and again a great track comes along which really stands out.
Here is one such track.
I get quite a lot of new tracks sent to me and in truth most of them are pretty naff (electro crap), however this one is pure quality.
A huge piano stormer - which is very similar in feel to the monstrous Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (which IMHO was one of the best tracks of recent years).
Thanks to the guys from Grapevine Grooves for sending it through. This is quality chaps!!
I hope you all like it out there (there's no password to download), so please have a listen and let me have your thoughts.

Dr. Anas - Keys Of Love featuring Patrick J
(Agent Q & DJ Flore Remix)


Hookey said...

Did I hear a touch of Strings of Life also?
Thx for posting it

Dr Anas said...

Thanks Hookey fpr your comment, the idea was to have a fresh songs with a classic jazzy style, which can fit at the soul central category.
Tnx for your feedback XD

cowspeutum said...

Tune - wish there were more people were making music like this.

Anonymous said...

Best track i ever!