Saturday, 19 March 2011

Come on and lay it down!!!

Now I get sent loads of tracks, some superb, mostly good and one or two a bit naff, but all are always fully appreciated.
However, every now and then someone sends me a track which I haven't heard before and one that totally blows my socks off.
Well this is one such track. A big shout out to Jason for sending me this one, nice one fella.
The track is absolutely top notch, very much in a Chris and James stylee, (yeah it totally rocks), with a great build up and a banging pounding anthemic feel .
Some fantastic vocals by Toni Childs (pictured), it's an out and out club stormer.
Trust me you'll love this one.
Massive in every aspect. Cheers Jason!!
Enjoy people!!

Toni Childs - Lay Down Your Pain 
(BBG Epic Mix)


philphila said...

No doubt about it! Cracking tune indeed. Thanks for sharing.

Manchestersimon said...

Big remix but not my of tea. Thanks, though, I never knew this mix existed!