Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Still under a love strain?

I posted this track quite some time ago and posted the absolutely sumptuous Morales (Lost in jungle) remix, which is a true PCC.
However, this dub version (also done by Morales) is equally good and is the version which Sasha used to play out in 1992.
I remember a great night at the Corn Exchange in Leeds (probably a Soak event, my memory escapes me), when this was dropped to great effect.
It's very different to the "Lost in  jungle" mix which is a real house classic vibe, this version is quite a bit quicker in tempo, very funky and laced with some lovely piano. When those vocals drop - you're in heaven - trust me!!
It just goes to show the power of remixing, here Morales does two completely different remixes, both are amazing and yet so different. Viva House Music!!!
I can't choose between them, as I think they are both fantastic versions?
Which is your favourite?

Clubland - (I'm Under) Love Strain 
(Lost In Dub)


Clubland - (I'm Under) Love Strain 
(Lost In Jungle Mix)


marty19 said...

Personally the Lost in Dub is the one for me, great intro and when the vocals kick in, its just sensational, cant beat this version, hey its even available on itunes!! I for one think is up there for me as a top 10!!! Massive

eliot.gee said...

Morales.....where to begin!! Brilliant. Used to look forward to Mondays to see if there were any new 12"s out with a def mix on. happy dayz. x

DavanP said...

Cant Remember if I heard this track - But if its remixed my morales then it must be Jumping