Saturday, 26 February 2011

I'm the one, the only one, I'm the one, I'm the one!!

No don't worry I'm not being totally narcissistic, just quoting some great lyrics.
Totally love this track, which again was a huge Sasha track back in 1991.
The vecoded version (The Dead Zone Mix) was the one for me, an absolutely superb, blend of blissed out squelchy acid on a house vibe. Deep and dirty!! Pure quality, a fantastic and really innovative remix by Mr Morales.
For those who prefer the more classic house the Morales Club version is more like the Morales we know and love, perfect.prefect house music. Great rhythm, lush vocals by Jody Watley and some mighty fine piano.. just lovely!! I've also posted the Def Dub version which is also great with that superb looping piano, but less vocally!
Enjoy, they are all superb remixes.
P.S. Loving the big hair Jody.

Jody Watley - I'm The One You Need 
(Dead Zone Version)

Jody Watley - I'm The One You Need 
(David Morales Extended Club Version)

Jody Watley - I'm The One You Need 
(Def Dub Version)


Anonymous said...

BlackSun(cz): sir morales was a king of mellow pop-housy groove -here was good as (for example similar) DRIZA BONE brighter star mixes, please dave hold back this feelin

Anonymous said...

Impossible to find the Red Zone Dubs/Dead Zone mixes for love or money.. Until I stumbled across this blog. Incredible that this one is here. Need to dig through my old vinyls to remember all the other classics.

grunty said...

used to play this one all the time, well the Driza Bone mix which i think was the main UK mix? never heard the Dead Zone mix

Woochifer said...

Only recently discovered the amazing 2008 Love to Infinity remix of Jody Watley's "A Beautiful Life." It's a throwback in the best possible way. Well worth seeking out, and available on iTunes if anyone wants to sample or buy it.