Saturday, 26 February 2011

Bring on the Russians.....

I remember hearing Tony Ross open his set with this track at an Ark event in Bradford in 1991.
It's an absolutely beautiful piece of music, very dramatic and yes it feels very Soviet.
Not a typical club track, but a great way to open your set, although I do remember it being fairly quite and difficult to hear above all the noise and excitement of the clubbers.
I was a big fan of Electronic - bringing together two of my favourite bands (New Order/Barney Sumner and The Smiths/Jonny Marr).
Jonny Marr was a musical genius and one of the greatest guitarist's of his generation.
Electronic produced some fine stuff.
Enjoy the track!!

Electronic - Soviet


nonillion said...

Boris Tihomirov - Elektronnyi Budilnik (1985)

Donni One said...

Electronic Soviet sounds interesting to open a set. Would love to hear it.

Also, can you get hold of Rozalla's track 'I love music' Stonebridge mix?

Pure Club Classics said...

Hi Donni, drop me an email for passwords. I've also got the Stonebridge mix for you, regards, PCC