Friday, 18 February 2011

808 State in the house!!!

I remember the first time I heard this back in 1990 and it absolutely blew me away.
It was so raw at the time and massively influential.
The opening electric guitar is superb and then it rips into the mighty keyboard riff.
There's loads of mixes of this one, but IMHO the original mix was always the best.
The Pan American Excursion is also quality, but it doesn't have that brilliant electric guitar riff and that raw edge.
An absolutely top notch track from back in the day!!

808 State - Cubik
(Original Mix)

808 State - Cubik
(Pan American Excursion)


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psymatic/drbubz said...

damn i love me some 808 state. the pan american excursion is way dope. i'm pretty sure die antwoord ripped the melody of cubik for the chorus of their track what kyk jy. i thought that was pretty lame since they didn't make it sound very good.