Sunday, 27 February 2011

R.I.P. Deano!!!

It fills me with extreme sadness to hear of the tragic loss of an old mate.
Dean Richards passed away yesterday at such a tender age of 36.
Dean was a superb footballer, one of the best at breaking out of defence with the ball at his feet.
He was widely regarded and respected at all the clubs he played for and was a a true fans favourite at Bradford City, Wolves, Southampton and Spurs.
Here's a great picture of him doing what he did best, marshalling the defence.
He was a big fan of dance music and we shared many great nights out together in our younger days.
My sincere condolences go to all your family and especially your two young boys.
Deano R.I.P. buddy you will be sadly missed.
I dedicate this track to you as I know it was one which you loved (one we both loved) and one we used to blast out of our car stereos on our way to nights out.
I know you will be up there looking down with a grin on your face, nodding your head along to this one.
God bless you fella.

The Project featuring Linda Rice - Out Of Control

(FHR's Club Mix)

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Bring on the Russians.....

I remember hearing Tony Ross open his set with this track at an Ark event in Bradford in 1991.
It's an absolutely beautiful piece of music, very dramatic and yes it feels very Soviet.
Not a typical club track, but a great way to open your set, although I do remember it being fairly quite and difficult to hear above all the noise and excitement of the clubbers.
I was a big fan of Electronic - bringing together two of my favourite bands (New Order/Barney Sumner and The Smiths/Jonny Marr).
Jonny Marr was a musical genius and one of the greatest guitarist's of his generation.
Electronic produced some fine stuff.
Enjoy the track!!

Electronic - Soviet

Oooh sometimes....

Now the great man didn't produce that many great remixes, but I totally love this one.
You probably all remember the original pop version which was a huge pop chart hit way back in 1986.
Well this was made in 1992 and I absolutely love it.
Very funky and very squelchy, but really, really catchy.
Ok you could say it's a bit cheesy, but a little cheese is an essential part of a healthy dance music diet!! Lol.
Enjoy - I'm think it's a corker.
Nice one Danny - you're a ledge fella (here he is with a little more hair than nowadays)!!!

Erasure - Sometimes
(Danny Rampling Mix)

Deliver me .....pure bliss!!!!

The Beloved have always been a band I have loved.
Jon Marsh's vocals are IMHO the best male vocals out there. Talk about soothing.
We always used to play lot's of The Beloved on Sunday's winding down from some chaotic clubbing the night before. It was perfect to soothe your soul.
This track came much later 1996, but it is absolutely exquisite, bordering on perfection.
The whole feel and atmosphere of the track just takes me to another place.
Pure bliss!!!

The Beloved - Deliver Me

I'm the one, the only one, I'm the one, I'm the one!!

No don't worry I'm not being totally narcissistic, just quoting some great lyrics.
Totally love this track, which again was a huge Sasha track back in 1991.
The vecoded version (The Dead Zone Mix) was the one for me, an absolutely superb, blend of blissed out squelchy acid on a house vibe. Deep and dirty!! Pure quality, a fantastic and really innovative remix by Mr Morales.
For those who prefer the more classic house the Morales Club version is more like the Morales we know and love, perfect.prefect house music. Great rhythm, lush vocals by Jody Watley and some mighty fine piano.. just lovely!! I've also posted the Def Dub version which is also great with that superb looping piano, but less vocally!
Enjoy, they are all superb remixes.
P.S. Loving the big hair Jody.

Jody Watley - I'm The One You Need 
(Dead Zone Version)

Jody Watley - I'm The One You Need 
(David Morales Extended Club Version)

Jody Watley - I'm The One You Need 
(Def Dub Version)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Still under a love strain?

I posted this track quite some time ago and posted the absolutely sumptuous Morales (Lost in jungle) remix, which is a true PCC.
However, this dub version (also done by Morales) is equally good and is the version which Sasha used to play out in 1992.
I remember a great night at the Corn Exchange in Leeds (probably a Soak event, my memory escapes me), when this was dropped to great effect.
It's very different to the "Lost in  jungle" mix which is a real house classic vibe, this version is quite a bit quicker in tempo, very funky and laced with some lovely piano. When those vocals drop - you're in heaven - trust me!!
It just goes to show the power of remixing, here Morales does two completely different remixes, both are amazing and yet so different. Viva House Music!!!
I can't choose between them, as I think they are both fantastic versions?
Which is your favourite?

Clubland - (I'm Under) Love Strain 
(Lost In Dub)

Clubland - (I'm Under) Love Strain 
(Lost In Jungle Mix)

"I control the party!!!"

This was always a big track back in 1991 and it seemed every DJ at that time played it out.
There were some good Masters at Work remixes of this, but this was the version which really shook the dancefloor.
There's not much of the original in here with the exception of the track title, but the energy of the track is very powerful.
It bubbles and fizzes along and isn't a lot dissimilar to some of the type of tracks Sasha used to play (and make) circa 1992 onwards.
It'll always bring back great memories of those heady times in '91 for me though.
Enjoy and Take Control of the Party!!!

B.G. The Prince of Rap - Take Control of The Party
(Sinister Dub)

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Friday, 18 February 2011

Sacrifice your heart, for a moment....

Always a big fave of mine this one.
Very nice and easy classy house, with some very nice girly vocals.
A great remix from Steve "Silk", par for the course.
A big sing along track this one.
"Sacrifice  your heart, for a moment, for a moment of love"
Big shout out to Rob for tracking this one down for me.  Nice one fella.
Also check his blog for some cracking mixes and a really nice touch with the historical facts bit. Perfect for you trainspotters out there!!
P.S. Always a great excuse to post a picture of the beautiful Yasmin LB (although she had nothing to do with the track)!!

Yasmin - Sacrifice 
(Silky 70's Mix)

808 State in the house!!!

I remember the first time I heard this back in 1990 and it absolutely blew me away.
It was so raw at the time and massively influential.
The opening electric guitar is superb and then it rips into the mighty keyboard riff.
There's loads of mixes of this one, but IMHO the original mix was always the best.
The Pan American Excursion is also quality, but it doesn't have that brilliant electric guitar riff and that raw edge.
An absolutely top notch track from back in the day!!

808 State - Cubik
(Original Mix)

808 State - Cubik
(Pan American Excursion)

Secret Star

Womack & Womack as the House of Zekkariyas given a little sprinkling of Sasha's progressive magic in 1994.

The House of Zekkariyas - Secret Star (Sasha's A Mix)

Drum Club

Prog Classic from 93 on the Guerilla records (did they have a bad release??)

Drum Club - Alchemy

Disco Evangelists

First time I heard this was in MOS - It sounded like a helicopter was landing on the dancefloor.

A great tune

De Niro - The Disco Evangelists

Once More With Feeling

Ok I'm back and on a progressive house theme this weekend.

First up Andy Weatherall and friends as Bocca Juniors on the majestic FFRR label

Bocca Juniors - Substantially Soulful

Friday, 11 February 2011

Bad boy - fantastic track!!!

Leaving you with yet another fave of mine.
This is raw house music at it's very best.
This dates back to 1987 and still sounds absolutely superb.
I'm mentioned many times on this blog, that I'm not a huge fan of male vocals, but there are exceptions and Jamie Principle is certainly one of those.
The track has an amazing disco house groove, very infectious and incredibly catchy!!
If you ain't feeling this, then you ain't got no soul!!!

Jamie Principle - Bad Boy 
(The Movie)

Bring on the Golden Girls!!!!

Another massive tune from back in 1992.
This was proper techno, before techno became a dirty word.
Very Oribital sounding which probably isn't a surprise as Paul Hartnoll is behind it.
Just a very simple techno groove, but a really powerful track.
It always sounded awesome in clubs.
Bring on the Golden Girls!
(Well it was either those nice attractive females or the slightly older Golden Girls).
I think I made the right choice!! Lol.

Kinetic - The Golden Girls
(Orbital Remix)

A classic remake of an all time classic!!!

Well there are some songs which are all time classics - a la Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive.
Then along comes a fantastic remix and it creates another classic.
A brilliant remix courtesy of the "Silky" one.
When that piano kicks on at 2 mins 20 secs - ooh heaven.
A truly great remix of an all time great.
What more could you ask for?

Chantay Savage - I Will Survive 
(Silk's Classic House Mix)

Feel the groove and "get up"!!

Love this one, very simply but it has a fantastic groove.
Pretty infectious and the sort of track that you could be humming all day long.
This one dates back to 1997 and came from Italy.
Totally charming IMHO.
Love the line;
"What are staring at?"
"Man you're positively hostile"

Sex-O-Sonique - I Thought It Was You 
(12" Mix)

Ooh a bit of Oakey trance in the place!!!

Just looking down the artists and remixers list on the blog, I can't believe that I haven't post any Tilt tracks previously, as they produced some amazing trance masterpieces.
This one was massive and was one of Oakey's big trance tracks back in 1999.
It has such an amazing atmosphere and feel to it.
I loved the little "squeeky" riff in it as well.
Trance never sounded so good.
Absolutely huge.

Tilt - Invisible 
(Original 12" Vocal Mix)

Oooh, I want to Jazz it up!!!

I used to love this one back in the day.
It was a huge track in Ayia Napa in 1996.
I used to love this one down at the Kool Club - oh happy days!!!!
A superb Erick Morillo mix, this one - funky as hell.
A great piece of house music with a lovely Jazz twist - now you can't say that about many house tracks.
"I want to jazz it up, in the morning"
"I want to jazz it up, in the evening"
"I want to jazz it up, oh I can feel it"
Quality and the Mad Stuntman was nowhere to be seen - phew, thank the lord!!!

Reel 2 Real - Jazz It Up
(Erick Morillo Project Mix)

"Couldn't you have told me before.......

......I would have loved you, so much more"
Just loving this track, which was always a big fave of mine.
A big shout out to Jacomo for providing me with a clean version, mine was pretty much worn out as it was played to death. Make sure you visit his blog it's got some cracking stuff on there;

This track has everything beautiful haunting vocals, a pounding beat and just amazing lyrics.
Great remix by The Space Brothers, right on the button.
Here you go, sing a long, this one's special!!

Two faces
Playing with my trust in you
You cover all your traces
And watch me relax with you
Creep away and do your deal
Return what you think is you
It couldn't be further from the truth

Cruel, Keeping this a secret
Fool, you surely are
It's so You, Blind to all the damage done
You go too far

Couldn't you have told me before
I would have loved you, So much more
Couldn't you have told me before
Feeling like an outlaw

So you got some
You brought another person
Uncanny how he looks like you
Except there is too much he cannot do
It's not the problem
But the way you shut your mouth was real low
My reputation tainted
I will not accept being the last to know

Cruel, Keeping this a secret
Fool, you surely are
It's so You, Blind to all the damage done
You go too far

Couldn't you have told me before
I would have loved you, So much more
Couldn't you have told me before
Feeling like an outlaw

Cruel, Keeping this a secret
Fool, you surely are
It's so You, Blind to all the damage done
You go too far

Couldn't you have told me before
I would have loved you, So much more
Couldn't you have told me before
Feeling like an outlaw

Olive - Outlaw

(The Space Brothers Remix)

Friday, 4 February 2011

One life, there's no return, no deposit!!!

An all time classic from Gloria.
I remember Sasha playing this out, back in the day.
The vocal, the lyrics, the song - just superb.
I love the ending of the track as well.
Just a really good feel good classic!
Hard to believe it's nearly 30 years old!!

Gloria Gaynor - I Am What I Am

Feeling, so, so right!!!

Another corker from Mary J Blige, courtesy of a great Uni Clio remix.
"Feeling, so, so right, Feeling, so, so right, Feeling, so, so right"
"Reminisce all the love we had"
You can't beat that line "Oooh Reminisce"
Another little stormer, this one.
If I remember rightly this was a big Ally Whitehead track?

Mary J Blige - Reminisce 
(Uno Clio Mix)

Come on show us what love is Mariah!!

Another superb track, from the one with the golden tonsils.
Great remix by Moto Blanco, nice and simple, getting the best out of the song and of course those wonderful
Ms Carey vocals.
Simply delightful.
Once you've heard this version, you'll never want to hear the Foreigner version ever again, trust me!
Enjoy - it's lush!!

Mariah Carey - I Want To Know What Love Is 
(Moto Blanco Club Mix)

Come on, make my day!!

"All I'm asking you is to make my day!!"
A truly, truly wonderful song.
House music at it's finest.
The intro to this song is simply immense.
The rest of the track is stunning as well.
Quality, quality house music - 8 and a half minutes of pure bliss (despite it being called the 10 mins of soul mix).
Enjoy! It's a special one!
Trainspotters amongst you may recognise that the the Seven Grand Housing Authority - The Question, stole it's line from here.
P.S. Grace doesn't look under pressure to me!!

Grace Under Pressure - Make My Day 
(10 Minutes Of Soul)