Friday, 28 May 2010

"Take me away, a secret place, a sweet escape"

Another fantastic remix from Stonebridge accompanied by another excellent vocal performance from the uber-talented Ms Bedingfield.
She's really got a great voice and it's superb for dance music when remixed this well.
All in all another top notch track, which keeps a great balance between dancefloor friendly yet keeping those great vocals intact.
Quality indeed.

Natasha Bedingfield - Pocketful Of Sunshine
(Stonebridge Club Mix)

Another fantastic remix by those Luvdup chappies!!!

The Luvdup Twins could always be relied on for corking hot remixes, with bucket loads of cascading pianos, absolutely pounding away.
This one is in their typical style, very in your face and uplifting with an avalanche of piano.
They never fail with their remix style.
If you've got a winning formula stick with it.
You won't be disappointed with this one!!
Nice bit of rapping from the Ice MC as well!

Ice MC - Think About The Way
(Luv Dup Remix)

It's true, "You Can Have It All!!!" Quality dance music!!

Here's another one I used to love from back in 1995.
Just a sumptious club track, great vocals, great cascading piano, great lyrics - you know the type!!
"Little girl, you're too young to settle down"
"You fall in love with the first man you throw your arms around"
"Don't you know there's a great big world for you to see?"
Just as good as "Love Come Down" IMHO.
Quality dance music. Just wait for that piano to kick - on 6mins (and keep on kicking). Nice!!!
Get on it!!!

Eve Gallagher - You Can Have It All
(Rhyme Time Club Mix)

"It's sinful, it's tragic!!!"

Now for something completely different.
A big Acid House Balearic classic - I bloody love this one.
Big at the likes of Shoom.
Not the danciest of PCCs, but it's just a really great track and still sounds great today.
Love the lyrics as well.
"Hey Joe, got the news tonight should I laugh or should I cry or should I stay and fight"
"It's sinful, so true"
You can't beat the "Badda Da, Badda Da, Badda Da, Badda Da, Badda Da, Badda Da, Ba Yah"

Pete Wylie - Sinful
(Tribal Mix)

Another fantastic piece of early Progressive House!!!

It's been while since I've played this one.
It was one I used to love back in the day and was one of the big progressive house tunes from back in 1992.
Dance 2 Trance made some great tracks and "Power of the American Natives" has already been posted on the blog.
It's just got a great atmospheric feel to it and of course the riff is very memorable.
So to all my American friends out there "Hello San Francisco"!

Dance 2 Trance - Hello San Franciso

Sunday, 23 May 2010

Is summer on it's way?? Let's hope so!!

Well folks the weathers been scorching in blightly today.
So here I give you a superb summer track.
Almost anything with a bit of Spanish Guitar in seems to give a summer vibe, hence couple this with the fantastic vocal performance which we always get from Ms Small and you have a surefire PCC summer scorcher.
Great remix from Judge Jules who isn't big on the remix front.
This is nice - perfect for a summers day.
"You and me, so excited", "You and me, so excited", "You and me, so excited"

M People - So Excited
(Judge Jules Mix)

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Beautiful, Beautiful House Music!!!

Hopefully this blog brings a pretty good cross section of dance music delights, which encompass my real musical passions, notably House Music, Balearic, Trance, Old Skool and all the other genres which are closely associated.
The last few posts have all touched some of those areas, so now back to some classic house music.
I just love this track which typifies everything which is great about house music.
Brilliant vocals, a really uplifting vibe, very catchy, with some lovely subtle piano - perfect!!!
The remix is courtesy of Mr Morales and Mr Knuckles and hence there should be no surprise that it is such a top notch track. And just to think that this is 21 years old - it still sounds amazing!! A true PCC!!!
"We need love together, right now"! Come on sing along - "We need love together, right now"!

L.A. Mix Featuring Kevin Henry - Love Together
(American Lovers 12")

Piano, Piano, Piano!!!

Well here's a track that you simply can't fail to love.
The type of track which was big "Up North"!!
All of us Northerners have a huge passion for our "Piano Tunes" and it always amazed me why it was such a Northern thing and that these type of tracks weren't really played "Down Sarf"
It can only be because us Northerners have better taste in music!! Lol!!
Joking aside, the track's just really catchy with a lovely instant feel and some great flowing piano (from back in 1991).
This is the instrumental version, if anyone has the Club mix - I'd appreciate a link.

C'est Ca - Use That Thing

A lovely piece of floaty trance!!!

Anyone who visits this blog regualrly will know of my love of real quality trance. Not always the kind of trance fodder which was banged out by all the big European DJ's but the real quality stuff.
The kind of tracks which Oakey was banging out from circa 1994 to 2000.
This is real nice piece of floaty trance which has a great feel to it. A bit similar in style to the sort of "dream music" which became popular following the Robert Miles track "Children". However, this well pre-dates that as this was made in 1993.
Just a great trance track IMHO!!!

Cosmic Baby - Heaven's Tears

Who likes Mayonnaise???

Well not me for one, I'm a salad cream man, but do I like this track - yes, hell I do!!!
Be patient with it as it has a quite dull opening, but then throws in some lucious piano chords at 2min 30secs.
It doesn't quite build to the crescendo that you'd potentially like, but those piano chords just sound great.
This one cmae out of Germany in 1995 and the Germans aren't renowned for there great dance tracks, but this is very tasty!!
All those for Mayonnaise say Aye!!!

Eating Habits - May I Have The Mayonnaise

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Make the World go Round

Another track i cannot believe has not been posted here yet. first released in 1996, and i think has been re-released every year since and being given the remix twice over, but you cant beat the Deep Dish vocal mix.

Camisra's let me show you has sampled this track and probably many others. Another one of those classics that can be heard being played in a lot of clubs still to this day.


Sandy B - Make the World Go Round (Deep Dish 12" vocal mix)

I had a notice from DCMA to take this link down, hence if anybody wants the link then please send me an email to the usual address.

Apologies for this, but DCMA appear to be tightening up and lots of blogs have been forced to close recently.
We shall not be beaten and will endeavour to get the finest dance music to your ears.
Best regards, PCC

Monday, 3 May 2010

Is it summertime yet? Oh well here's wishing!!!

Another piece of Way Out West quality remixing a beautiful track from legendary Ibiza DJ Jose Padilla.
An absolutely perfect track for those balmy summer nights.
It's not quite summer, but here's hoping for a good one.
This track is a little slice of heaven.
I just love the laid back feel, the whole atmosphere and vibe of the track - simply beautiful.
The little chuckles in there are brilliant as well. Awesome!!
Hey tracks don't have to be banging to be Pure Club Classics.
For all of those of you out there who like the Balearic vibe - get on this one - you won't be disappointed - believe me.
You can almost smell Cafe Del Mar when you listen to this!!
Love it!!

José Padilla - Sabor De Verano
(The Way Out West Mix)

Get ready for a piece of musical genius!!!

I've already posted quite a few Way Out West remixes and tracks on the blog to date and there will be many more to come.
They produced some amazing work over the years and although some of their stuff wasn't always great, there were many slices of genius in amongst.
This is one of those true pieces of genius - the opening introduction of this track is pure heaven.
The atmosphere, the feeling, the vibe it creates, is amazing. It reminds me of those times when you were on the dancefloor and just swimming and floating like you were in heaven. Heady days indeed!!
The first 5 mins of this track are asbolutely sensational.
Are you feeling it!!

Way Out West - Killa
(Original Mix)

A couple of real classics for the old skool posse!!!

Here's a couple of fantastic tracks for those of you out there (and I know there's plenty) who love their old skool.
Why am I posting two tracks together, well they were both released on the same piece of vinyl- On Your Todd on the A side and Hevean on the B side.
However, in my opinion they are both very much A tracks - hence a double A.
They typify the spirit and times of 1992 when they were released very upbeat, pretty simple in production terms but very effective with some great piano and a "hands in the air" vibe.
On Your Todd - has some great piano and sax, whilst Heaven is more hardcore (but not to hard)  in style (a la Terrorize style), but the piano and the synth is awesome and very very energetic!!
Out of the two I think Heaven is probably the better track, both are great though!
Enjoy, as I'm sure you will.

UDG - On Your Todd

UDG - Heaven

Another discotastic delight!!

You just can't beat some of the old disco classics. This is one that I totally love.
I remember the Luvdup Twins playing this in one of their sets at Vague back in 1993.
It's just a classic disco track from start to finish, with a great flowing rhythm and a very funky disco party feel.
Made in 1978 - it still sounds brilliant 32 years on.
"You dance to the music, like nobody does"
"The first time I saw you I thought is was love"
Cuba indeed!!

Gibson Brothers - Cuba

Sunday, 2 May 2010

"They always said that you knew best!"

I always loved this track and have very fond memories of Todd Terry dropping it at L'America at the Corn Exchange in Leeds, in 1993. He played one of the most egotistical sets of I've ever heard a DJ play (virtually every track he dropped was one of his own productions or one of his remixes), but it was a bloody legendary set and yes every track was different class.
This track was a real belter, a bit poppy but with those great crunchy beats which are a trademark of all Todd Terry remixes.
This one is under one of his many alias' - this time the House of Gypsies.
As you'd expect the vocals are superb from Annie Lennox.
Great track, great memories.
The picture of Demi Moore - well this track was also pretty prominent in the film Striptease starring Ms. Moore. A good excuse to post a picture of a delightful lady.

Annie Lennox - Little Bird
(House Of Gypsies Mix)