Sunday, 28 March 2010

to me,to you,to me,to you....

lisa b
"you & me"
cleveland city shining remix
orig out as a promo only on ffrr records,this is one of two mixes from cleveland city on the 12". it was never released by ffrr & then was put out under rhyme tyme productions on cleveland city records a few years later, the vocals on this dont even belong to lisa b but from a italian record that came out on media records that was produced by the same people..
lisa b "you & me" cleveland city shining remix

Saturday, 27 March 2010


I never made it to Cream when it was open but i believe this was one of oakenfold's favourite tracks. I first heard it on a couple of compilation cds, then found it buried on a back shelf in a record store in dublin. Personally i love this track, again its from the 1996/1997 and if any of you out there frequented Cream, im pretty sure you heard oakie drop this banger!!

Three N' One - Reflect

Friday, 26 March 2010

im gunna let it shine

degrees in motion
"shine on"
exclusive remix

this is a remix i did last year with the groove technician's, never released & only given to a hand full of dj's. allister whitehead/k-klass/paul taylor to name a few have spun it. so i have decided to share it with you.. it was done using all the orig parts n vocals from a multitrack i have, so it keeps the orig feel but brings it uptodate.


degrees in motion "shine on" 09

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Yeah lets go to the beach

A good friend of mine, who happens to be a full time dj, first heard this track in a club in ireland called the Foundry around late 1996. 2-3 months later on the local scene the dj dropped this track and the place erupted. An absolute classic, and a track i think Nalin & Kane can never beat! remixed by Tall Paul in 2000, and again by Dennis the Menace entitled "Cruising", i dont think it will be the last time to be given the remix.
People get ready, get ready to fly...........
Nalin & Kane - Beachball (Extended Original Vocal)

Want Love?

Another classic in my eyes, i believe Express of Sound have also released their own version of this track! When this particular track was dropped, the lasers would come on, the dry ice would shoot out and the place would go beserk!! some clubs i frequent still drop this track today, i think thats enough said!!

Hysteric Ego - Want Love

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Loops & Tings

Well to start off apologies for not posting in a while. Things got a bit hectic on the home front with 2 new arrivals to the familiia!!

Moving along, when i first posted here i mentioned my top 2 tracks and now its time for my numero 1! this track has brought a smile to my face too many times and although its not house and not my usual kind of stuff, this track done it for me. might not be everyones cup of tea, but a Pure Club Classic in my books. Leave a comment let me know what you think! enjoy....

Jens - Loops and Tings (Original Mix)

Saturday, 20 March 2010

"I do you, you do me"!!!

Rollo gets off his high horse, comes back from Camping and goes Mystic!!!
Another fantastic track from that man Rollo, who was responsible for some superb tracks and some great remixes. He was also part of Faithless which people may be aware of, but probably fewer people are aware that he is Dido's older brother and produced many of her tracks.
Enough said the man's a bit of a ledge!!
About this track, well it's typical Rollo production, very simple, but very pounding and energetic and very very good.
Be patient as it builds, but prepare yourself for one of the great piano breakdowns in club music.
Simply awesome - I love this one and I'm sure you will too!!!
Plus you can't beat lyrics like "I do you, you do me"!!!

Rollo Goes Mystic - Love, Love, Love - Here I Come

Friday, 19 March 2010

This was the Future!!!

Evening all, this one goes way back to 1986 and was a key track in those halycon days of Acid House.
This was the track which Oakey used to open his sets with at Future every week.
Specturm and Shoom were the 2 legendary London clubs which kicked off the Acid House culture. Spectrum then morphed into Future and these nights bascially laid the foundations for the clubbing scene we all came to love. The Hacienda was also leading the way "up North".
The track is a superb piece of electro dance, very dramatic and very very effective.
Oakey also remixed the track in 2000, which is basically the same as the original but much speeded up.
In my mind you can't beat the original which will always remain a true PCC.

A Split Second - Flesh
(Original Mix)

A Split Second - Flesh
(Perfecto Mix)

Sunday, 14 March 2010

It's all about Survival!!!

Well as regular visitors to the blog will know - I simply love a bit of quality classic house and this one certainly fits that category.
Beautiful, beautiful house music the way I like it, great vocals, lovely piano chords mixed to a great 4/4 beat.
This one dates back to 1992 and is a real house music classic.
You may not remember it by the title, but as soon as you hear those lyrics
"It's all about survival, I'm talking about survival" and the beautiful piano chords.
Wow - House Music Heaven!!!

Machine Orchestra - Survival
(12" Mix)

Saturday, 13 March 2010

A little bit of Acid House goes a long way!!!

Alright, people!!! This one goes back, way back, back into the very early days of Acid House - 22 years ago in fact back to 1988.
It still sounds bloody ace though.
Lots of fantastic squelchy acid, mixed with some lush piano. I still love this track to the day.
DJ Fast Eddie did some great stuff back then and was one of the best on the scene at that time.
A bit of a blast from the past this one, but I'm sure you'll agree - a total PCC!!!

DJ Fast Eddie - My Melody
(Phuture Trax Mix)

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

To The Beat of the Drum

Another track from the early 1990's, 1994 to be exact it has also been re-released in the early 2000's! Defo a classic but not in my top 10 and i must admit took sometime to grow on me, probably hearing it played to death on all the Ibiza cds and the Cream programme that sky ran about 10 years ago helped. Nonetheless this is a belter.

I have a whitelabel of this track which i will upload shortly which has the vocal of INXS - i need you tonite.
"To the beat of the drum, Bang"

"To the beat of the drum Bang Bang"

The Ethics - La Luna

So In Love with You

This track i still play to this day. i particulary like the breakdown when the guy starts singing and the goes straight back into a beat! Brilliant. originally released in 1994, it was then re-released in 1996 remixed by Full Intention who of course still remix quality tracks to this day.

They have been mentioned on the site already remixing michelle gayle, but this track is their best remix in my opinion.

"Oh woman, i cant live, live without you in my life"

"wooooooo yeah"


Duke - So In Love With You (Full Intention Remix)

Tuesday, 9 March 2010


I believe these guys have a mention on the site already with "Right Here, Right Now". personally this is my favourite track from Disco Citizens. Originally released in 1996, it got the revamp in 1997 and this remix is fantasic.
A lot of the music i have posted here so far has featured from 1995 to 1997 and probably one of my favourite periods in dance music. every week a track seemed to come out better than the week before!
Anyway Enjoy. leave a comment let me know what you think!
Disco Citizens - Footprint

Sunday, 7 March 2010


Again another track from 1996, that i absolutely love. i used to think the guy was saying pussycats!!

this particular remix is the Invisible Man Remix. there are other remixes from TVD and red jerry knocking around but in my opinion this is the best! Another track that was played to death in my local club!

Enjoy everyone!

"Est ta e la Musica"

Libido - The Second Coming (Invisible Man Remix)

Okay Lets Go


Hi Guys, sorry but it seems some of the tracks i have posted have bitrates as low as 56!! from now on 192 or higher i promise......
now moving on this particular track was requested in the chatbox last week, so i said i will post here for all. All my tracks so far seem to be from around 1995/1996 and this is no different.

Z-Factor - Gotta keep pushin

This track i cant really comment on as it was never a real favourite of mine, main reason is because it was never really played in the clubs i frequented, though many still love this track including myself. Its been given the remix treatment a few times, and if im correct has even been used in some tv commercials!

"keep on, gotta keep on, gotta keep on"

"Push, Keep on pushin harder"


Saturday, 6 March 2010

And the Bit Goes On....

I first heard this track in my local club in 1997, and it took me 2-3 years to get my hands on a copy. this was before the days of downloading etc, so we had to buy everything! im not sure if this is trance or house (a defo classic) but the riff is excellent and a great floor filler. again any comments to let me know what you think. Enjoy...

Snakebite - The Bit Goes On - Extended Mix


Staying with 1995, i dont think this has been posted here yet! a classic from the new power generation, remixed by Dancin' Divas, the breakdown with the vocal got everyone singing, and then the beat kicks in. Enough said....... Enjoy!

The New Power Generation - Good Life (Dancin' Divas Club Mix)

Common People

Not sure if this track is everybodys taste but hey i love it! Remixed by Motiv-8, who still remix to this day and seemed to do loads back in the day, again another track that when played would bring a smile to your face. Again fom 1995, seeing as PCC posted a Blur track i thought this would fit the bill too. Hopefully you will enjoy, leave a comment let me know.

Pulp - Common People (Motiv-8 12" Mix)

Set You Free

The original mix of this track never really doen it for me! The amsterdam remix on cd2 is only what i could call an absolute belter. Again played in a club close to home many years ago, i could drop this track today and still get as good a response as it did in its prime (15 Years ago). I am also posting a link to the Time Frequency Mix, another good remix. Enjoy

N-Trance - Set You Free (Amsterdam Remix) -

N-Trance - Set You Free (The Time Frequency Mix) -

Here's the latest mix from Drew G!!

While most of my dance music knowledge and clubbing experiences are late 80's to late 90's, it always good to keep your ear to the ground and listen to the latest stuff which is hitting dancefloors.
While the scene has changed hugely and there now appears to be very few new quality house tracks, but lots of clever remixes of commercial pop tracks, it's refreshing to hear that there's still lots of real quality out there.
This is typified by Drew's mix sets which are always absolutely spot on.
This one is no exception.
Get on it - you know you want to!!

Drew G - Pop Will Eat Itself 2

Friday, 5 March 2010

Last one for tonight - Just "Say My Name!!!!"

Another huge fave of mine.
The track is trance heaven, very melodic, slightly commercial, but tinged with some beautiful piano and some great vocals. A bloody belter IMHO. Another one hammered by Oakey back in 1997.
"We two are one, no space between"
What we've become, I see in my dreams"
Beautiful trance music!!!
I'd welcome some different mixes of this, if anyone has them. Cheers!!!

Zee - Say My Name
(Eddy Fingers Midnight Epic Mix)

This one is pretty huge - don't resist the Change!!!

This is another huge favourite of mine and one which I've been trying to track down to the correct mix.
There a lots of different mixes of this about, but this is the one.
I love the intro to this, very dramatic.
The track's got some great vocals and some excellent driven piano.
As you'd expect hammered by Sasha back in the day and IMHO one of his best remixes.
A top track!!!
"Everything is Gonna Change, Everything is out of place"
"Everything is Gonna Change, Giving it another face"

Rusty - Everything Is Gonna Change
(Sasha's Full Vocal Mix)

Now for something completely different!!! - Bassline!!!

Now for something a bit more banging.
This is a track which I absolutely used to love.
Very different to my normal taste, but it has a synth riff to die for.
It was a track more accustomed to the "rave/hardcore" scene than the clubs I used to typically frequent, but what a riff and what a bassline.
A bit of a monster!!!
A big shout out to the boys from
Check out their blog it's one of "the" best out there!!

Gordon Edge - Compended

Call My Name - I'll Be Right There - Oh Yes I Will!!

Slowing it down a bit now with some quality house music.
This one was another big Parky track hammered at the Hac.
Simply a brilliant piece of house music.
Love it, love it, love it!!!
"Call My Name - I'll Be Right There - Oh Yes I Will!!"

Monarch - I'll Be Right There
(The Shelter Mix)

Next was indeed the E!!!

Now I appreciate that Moby is a very talented guy, but I never really liked his stuff much.
"Go" was an all time classic, but not much else IMHO.
I did however, absolutely love this track, but strangely enough it was never a track I head out in clubs that much.
I loved the piano in this and the MK Kinky-type rapping, all in all a tip top track.
Next was indeed the E!!!

Moby - Next Is The E (I Feel It)

Hold that Sucker Down!!!

Now there are some tracks which are a victim of their own success and this is certainly one of them.
You may know this track, but probably remember the horrible vocal version which was probably ome of the most annoying club tracks ever and ended up on every crappy dance compilation going.
However, this was the mix which rocked the clubs back in 1994 and still sounds great today.
So don't be put off by remembering that horrible vocal version.
You may recognise that it's Rollo behind it and is typical of his style - very pumping!!
The chords and build up in this are different class and then it lifts a level and kicks in again - Top Drawer this one matey!! You'd better believe it!!

The OT Quartet - Hold That Sucker Down
(Builds Like A Skyscraper Mix)

Let's Push again!!!

Alright, here comes another Push track - this time in a collaboration with Sunscreem.
Now I know that this track maybe in some people's eyes a bit cheesy and the lyrics are certainly naff, but I can honestly say I've always absolutely loved this track.
It's just so bloody catchy!!
Now come on sing along
"In the forest, there's a monster 
and it looks so, very much like me
won't someone, hear me singing
please save me, please rescue me"
Sorry, but I love it!!!!
P.S. I've been after the Jimmy Gomez remix of this also for some time and hence would appreicate it if anyone can find it for me. Cheers.

Push vs Sunscreem - Please Save Me
(Vocal Mix)

Time for some quality Trance - Oakey Stylee!!!

It's a while since I posted some trance on the blog.
I was (and still am) a huge fan of trance, especially the type of tracks which Paul Oakenfold was banging from about 1996 to 2000.
This is one of those Oakey classics. An absolute stomper that builds and builds.
This one was a huge feature of his sets in that era. It simply rocks - just wait for the "ooh".
I never get much feedback on trance tracks but IMHO they don't come much better than this.
This is absolutely huge - turn it up as loud as your speakers will allow and then tell me you're not feeling it??
P.S. Forget the Ferry Corsten remixes - this is the one!!

Push - Universal Nation
(Original 12" Mix)

Question - What do you get if you cross Sasha with BiR??

Answer - A bloody corking Pure Club Classic - that's what.
But hey, you knew that anyway.
This track was IMHO one of Sasha's best as an artist (except "Be As One"), couple it with a BiR remix and you get a truly fantastic piece of dance floor classic.
Excellent vocals from Sam Mollison, it's one that builds and then explodes in true BiR stylee.
Be patience with it, as the peak at the end of the track is quality.
That's 3 BiR tracks on the trot, no more for a while I promise you.
I've also added the Main Club Mix which was also pretty good!!

Sasha - Higher Ground
(Brothers in Rhythm Mix)

Sasha - Higher Ground
(Main Club Mix)

Go on then have another BiR classic remix!!!

Probably not one of their strongest remixers, but again pretty damn good.
This one takes a while to build so be patience, but as soon as it kicks in, you'll know that famous riff.
Come on, BiR must be great if they can turn a Blur song into a club classic.
Now that's real talent.
Do you likey???
By the way if you own this on vinyl, keep hold of it as it is v.rare, there were only about 6 copies ever made.

Blur - Song 2
(Brothers in Rhythm Mix)

It's official Brothers in Rhythm are the greatest remixers!!!

A big thanks to all who voted on the "Favourite Remixers" poll, we amassed  267 votes which ain't bad.
What a close run competition is turned out to be with Brothers in Rhythm just scraping home in gold medal position, beating Morales by just one vote, with Mr Knuckles close behind in 3rd place. Big surprises to me were the lack of recognition for Jimmy Gomez and Chris and James, they are probably not as famous as some, but their remix work is up there with the very, very best. There's plenty of their stuff on the blog, so if you don't know it, check out and you'll hear some of the best remixes ever.
In my mind there is no doubt that BiR are the best of all time, the magnitude and diversity of the artists that they have remixed and the style in which they have remixed them makes them untouchable!!!
Well it's been a while since I posted a BiR remix, but don't worry there are still plenty in my bag.
This one is very subtle, very soothing and just very nice. It's probably not as anthemic as some of their very best stuff, but it's still a very good remix. BiR remain the true benchmark of remix excellence!!

Human Movement - Love Has Come Again
(Brothers In Rhythm Mix)

I Need Your Love

Zentral - Que Idea (I Need Your Love) Original Mix

Back again, with one of my favourite tracks! This particular track ranks in my top 3 dance tunes

along with mory kante and my number 1, which i will post next week!! Its hard to believe that this particular track is from way back in 1994, (i believe it was around before then). i managed to get my hands on a copy 3 years after its release on the "Abbey Discs" label and has never left my case since then.....

hope you enjoy. from the 1st second you know this is a special track.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

you will sing to this!


"feel like singing"

cover of the sandy b classic that came out on nervous records,this is the classic mix from the dub dub import/promo & when it was released by am/pm in the uk this mix was not on it,caned by parky & co this is an awesome tune that never fails.

tac-tix "feel like singing" (classic mix)

Something a little bit Stompin!!!

Ok last one from me tonight - but a bit of a stompin one to finish on.
I used to love this back in the day, it's a real quality track with some great drum rolls and a great pounding beat throughout.
There were loads of tracks around at that time in 1996 with a similar feel to this one, but many were not as good in my opinion.
Bring on the Blondes!!!

Digital Blondes - Antheum
(Free Mix)

A big Sasha tune from back in the day!!!!

Good evening Boys and Girls,

Just a quick post to keep the excellent flow going; created by my new blogging buddies Russ and Trev.
This one was a huge Sasha track back in the day and was one of those tracks that you used to hear played out virtually every week, for weeks on end back in 1991.

It's just a real quality tune with lots of great piano chords.
You'll know it as soon as you hear it and think - "Oh yeah Love this one"

Bassomatic - Attack Of The 50 Foot Drum Machine
(Vaporub Mix)

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Horny As Funk

okay, hopefully you all liked my first post! movin on i hope this track does the business for you too, again one of my favourites from back in the day. this particular track was played by the dj known as Ken in my local club and he used to finish off the night when the crowd used to go mad!
The breakdown and build up in the middle of the tune really done it for me "let me hear you say ho"......

Soapy - Horny As Funk (12")