Saturday, 20 November 2010

Love is Energy

Back to the fantastic Mr Joe Roberts. 2 great versions of the classic love is energy.
The original
Joe Roberts - Love is Energy
and the fantastic D.O.P. remix
Joe Roberts - Love is Energy (D.O.P. Mix)


advanced prototype said...


Pure Club Classics said...

Quality again fella, I love his vocal on the original. Not heard the DOP remix before, but it's very good. Nice one, Regards, PCC

LeedsDJ said...

DOP ruled in 90s - got an album of theirs somewhere. Not heard this before tho - great tune

WilliamK said...

Joe Roberts rox!

Mark S said...

Perfect combo really!

Joe Roberts should of been a bigger success.

Guy said...

Loved this DOP remix when it came out, makes the vocal shine. Other good Joe Roberts stuff I can recommend is Lover (K Klass Remix) and Come Together (City Light Mix).
Other favourite DOP remixes include Spooky & Billie Ray Persuasion and The Aloof's Purity.

tones said...

One of many favorites from my first years of basics, ace track!

Anonymous said...

Always use to play this tune pure class
james(chris & james)

Kev S said...

What's the password to download it?
Had all my copies knicked back then by my dear friends!