Saturday, 23 January 2010

Can You Dig It?? Can Yooooooou Dig It??

I only came across this remix recently and have to say it's pretty fantastic and I've hardly stopped playing it since. Everyone will probably remember the more commercial version which was a big Madchester tune back in 1991 - I actually remember buying the 12" in 91, but as mentioned only came across this wonderful Steve Proctor remix recently (although it was doe in 91 also).
The remix is absolutely brilliant it takes a while to build so be patient, but then 4 mins 20 secs in it simply explodes into a wonderful piano breakdown and then from then on in, it simply blows you away as the piano just keeps building and building. Bloody Awesome in my opinion.
Fantastic work Mr Proctor who was one of leading lights in the early Acid House scene back in 1988 and he also produced some brilliant remixes around that time.
Another reason I love this track is for the "Can Yooooou Dig It" samples which are taken from the film "The Warriors", which was a true cult classic film and one of my favourite films as a young lad growing up.
It's basically about a gathering of gangs in the US and then the main gang leader Cyrus gets shot and a gang called the Warriors get blamed (even though they didn't do it). They then have every gang in NYC trying to do them over, trouble is the're hundreds of miles from their home town Coney Island and they have to fight their way from the Bronx through all the other gangs territories to get home.
It's a great film, if you haven't seen it - check it out. It'll probably feel a bit dated now, but it was made in 1979 and hence is now over 30 years old. Anyway enough about films.
Get into this track - Can Yoooou Dig It?? Yes, of course you can!!!

The Mock Turtles - Can You Dig It?
(Steve Proctor Remix)

Friday, 22 January 2010

It Was All About Love!!!

A huge, huge Hacienda fave of mine. I had many a great time bopping away to this in the Hac.
A big shout out to Richie for supplying the "Parkside" remix from the legendary Mr Graeme Park.
It's strange I've had this version in my archives for a while, but didn't have it labelled as the "Parkside Club Mix", then only to find that it's the mix I've had all along.
Enough of all that, what about the track.?
Well if you like quality house music then this is a must for you, it has everything a classic house track should have, a quality rhythm, great vocals, great lyrics and of course that fantastic bit of piano that Mr Park drops into all his remixes.
Another word about the vocals. I'm not ususally a huge fan of male vocals, much preferring female vocals on club tracks, but these vocals are as good as any male vocals you'll ever hear. Trust me!
I know you'll love this one peeps. A top track - Nuff said. Enjoy!!

Analogue City - It Was All About Love
(Parkside Club Mix)

Sunday, 10 January 2010

We've finally found The Big Wave!!!

I've been searching for this track for many months and a huge shout out to my friends out there for tracking this down. A big shout out to Gav also for his assistance in this.
The track is a real classic and extremely rare indeed. Currently exchanging hands for well in excess of £100.
It was a huge track Up North at nights like Ark in Leeds and Bradford - when it was typcially played as last track of the night, dropped by Gary Norman - respect fella.
A true Pure Club Classic - Enjoy!!
P.S. It's very similar to the Sweet Louise version which I posted on the blog several months ago, but this version is by far the best!
P.P.S. Not sure which Louise the song is about, but Louise Redknapp is probably one of the most famous and she is pretty Sweet (pretty hot infact!!). Lol.

The Big Wave - Louise Beat
(No Voice Mix)

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Another of my all time Balearic Faves - It's A Dream!!

Here's another corker, just check out the piano in this - absolutely beautiful.
The whole track has a fantastic vibe and as mentioned the piano is truly sumptious.
There's also some great sax which is pure quality.
The track dates back to 1989, but this remix was done in 1990.
The lyrics and vocals are also very effective - all in all a true Pure Club Classic.
Let me know what you think, I'm sure you'll enjoy!!

Amnesia - It's A Dream
(Interferences Mix)

Some Balearic Bliss for you folks!!!

Hello People, I hope you are all well despite the freezing temperatures here in good old Blighty.
To all our foreign friends out there the weather we are having in England is the coldest for decades with temperatures well below -10 Degs C.
So to try and brighten (and warm )you up here come a few Balearic posts to remind you all of warmer climes and happy moments.
I've been spending quite a bit of time on the Balearic Beats site on Facebook of late and I'd recommend you to check it out, as there are some quality posts on there.
Hence staying on a Balearic vibe here is one of my all time Balearic faves.
This track has absolutely everything, a fantastic vibe, wonderful sax, superb piano, great vocals, great lyrics and a fantastic sing along chrous. It was a huge track at Shoom back in 1988.
A truly fantastic track.

Dizzi Heights - Would I Find Love
(Extended Version)

Sunday, 3 January 2010

A special tribute to a fantastic person!!!

It's with great sadness that I learn of the passing away of a fantastic person who was a great contributor to the blog and shared many great tracks with me.
I know this track has been posted on the blog before, but it is posted again in tribute to Allison as it was one of her favourites (and one of mine too).
Allison you were an extremely special person and someone with a fantastic passion for wonderful dance music.
Rest In Peace - you will never be forgotten.
This track is solely dedicated for you, in your memory.
God Bless!!
Dan Hartman - Vertigo/Relight My Fire

Saturday, 2 January 2010

"Philly" the quality, this is no "Fluke!!!"

Apologies for the crap gag, but enough about the humour, this track is of the very highest quality.
As with all tracks posted on the blog, quality is the fundamental issue and here I present to you one of my all time favourite tracks. Quite why I didn't list this in my all time Top 30 is beyond me, a serious oversight on my behalf.
About the track, well it's simply quite awesome, dating back to 1990 it was well before it's time, in terms of feel and the epic journey which it takes you on.
Very few tracks in the early 90's were quite as epic as this, it really does take you on a full journey with many tempo changes and peaks.
Give it a couple of listens as it's one that grows on you as opposed to being truly instant, but after a few listens you'll be truly hooked.
"Epic" is the only word to fully describe it.

Fluke - Philly
(Philly Mix)