Saturday, 28 February 2009

One Month in - How's it going????

Dear Dance Music Lovers,

One month into this new blog, I'd welcome your feedback on the site and any suggestions for improvement.

Blogging is time consuming work and hence receiving your comments and feedback is absolutely vital to ensure that this blog continues to grow and to spread the word.

Club Classics have been my passion for the last 20 years and the purpose of this site is to "spread the word" and to share all the fantastic tracks and memories which clubland brought not just to my life, but to millions of others out there.

I have added a few extras to the site to enhance it and it make it easier for dance music lovers to use and follow.
Many of the tracks now found on the blog can be listened to through the Pure Club Classics Widget - hence you can "try before you buy" or more appropriately try before you download.

As mentioned, please leave comments and feedback on individual posts (as well as the Choc Box). Comments are easy to use and leave, only take a few seconds and can be completely anoymous if desired.
Also rate individual tracks with a simple tick indicating whether you think it is a Choon, Cheese or a Dud.

Repsect to Jay P for showing us all the way on how to blog professionally; his site is still the best out there. Respect.

Respect also to Rick, Colo, Mark S, Martin, Klub 9, Diggi and Harvs.
Keep coming back, keep leaving comments and keep sharing links.

Also if anyone has any requests for tracks to feature on this blog, then let me know. If they are true club classics they will get posted, if not I will send you the links for download anyway.
Also I have an extensive collection of DJ Mix sets with some blinding mixes do you want these to appear on the site?

Keep the faith fellow Dance Music Lovers,

Best regards,

Pure Club Classics

An absolutely Stonking Tune!!

The Icelandic Pop Dwarf', gets transformed into a club monster courtesy of Lion Rock aka, Justin Robertson.
This track was explosive in clubland, lighting up many of the nations dancefloors.
Particularly remember this at Vague in Leeds.
Awesome track!!

Bjork - Big Time Sensuality
(Lion Rock Wigout Mix)

All I'm Asking You!!!

A great club track, that really kicks.
Respect goes out to Mark S for sharing this with me.
Check out his blog on the link below;
A fine example of a professional blog with great content.

Seven Grand Housing Authority - The Question
(K-Klass Nightshift Mix)

Oakie mixing it up!!

Oakie turns a dull pop song into a masterpiece.
Repsect to the legend that is Mr Oakenfold (and Mr Osbourne also).

Mansun - Wide Open Space
(Perfecto Mix)

A disco classic - You ain't seen nothing yet!!

Just to show that not all great tracks nee to be rocking.
I recall the Luvdup Twins playing this in a set at Vague.
They really played some great choons.

Figures On a Beach - You ain't seen nothing yet
(Justin Strauss Club Mix)

Todd "the God" does it again

Todd Terry provides another classic. This is what quality house music is all about, lyrics, beat, piano, great vocals.
Ok, so it got a lot of air play and became a bit commercial, but it is still a club classic and deserves recognition.
I remember seeing Todd Terry DJ at the Corn Exchange in Leeds and he absolutely rocked the place. The guy's a house musci legend. Respect.
There'salso no better house singers than Jocelyn and Martha

Todd Terry featuring Jocelyn Brown and Martha Wash - Somethin' Goin' On
(Tees Club Mix)

Friday, 27 February 2009

Let Yourself Go!!

Absolute Choon. A classic from Nick Warren's alter ego - Way Out West!
Let Yourself Go!!!
Say no more!

Way Out West - Montana


This one was a Jon of Pleased Wimmin fave.
There was a period in about 94 when his music absolutely rocked.
I remember this one well at Cream.
Wait for this one to kick in.

Chapter 9 - Rollercoaster

Pure Cheese Classic

Apologies in advance for this one. I realise that it is pure cheese, but I like it.
It also brings back great memories of Golden.
Give it a chance it's cheesy, but oh so catchy. (The lyrics are dreadful also).
What you do you think, Choon, Cheese or Dud???

Dana Dawason - 3 is Family
(Dancing Divas Club Mix)

An old skool Piano choon!!!

It starts off really slow and appears a bit boring, but then kicks in and rocks.
Check it out, you won't regret it.

"Take me to the top, to the top, take me to the top"

Area 51 - Let it move you

Imagine (this is heaven)!!

Another classic that used to get hammered by Oakie.
Everything you could awnt in a dance track, slow build up, rockin beat, fantastic vocals and a build up to the crescendo finish.
This is one track that no matter how many times I hear it, I never get sick of it.

Mary Kiani - I Imagine
(EMF Edit)

Truly Bangin!!

This brings back great memories. I recall being in Vague at the Warehouse in Leeds and they played this 4 times in one night it was so hot.
Any track that slows down, almost stops and then speeds up and takes off - just seems to have an amazing effect on the dancefloor.
People used to literally lose it whan this came on.
Check the piano!!

Slo Moshun - Bells of New York

Just a top tune!! Nuff said

Another track that got widely played in clubland and rightly so.
Just a great club track.
One that everyone used to sing along with when it get to the chorus.
"High Flying and Feeling Fine, lets kick off our shoes and blow our minds together"

Talizman - Only You

Check out the Accordion

What a belting track. Paul Oakenfold used to cane this one. I particularly remember one night at Back to Basics in Leeds when Oakie was playing and this absolutely set the place alight.
It always used to remind me of someone with a lassoo swinging it around above their head. Check it out, thats what the "whoo, whoo, whoo, whoo" sounds like.

Ramirez & Pizarro - Hablando

Bringing us right up to date

Apologies for being a dinosaur, but there aren't many tracks that are around today that compare to the classics of old.
However, this is a classic and is currently rocking every dancefloor in clubland.
It's tracks like these that help you to keep the faith.
Pjanoo indeed!!

Eric Prydz - Pjanoo

Possibly one of my all time Faves

This has to be one of the all time classic club tunes. I can't think of any choon that used to rock the dancefloor as much as this.
This was absolutely hooj.
It just builds and builds and then explodes. When it peaks you're just transcended onto another planet.

It used to rock every club it was played in. Awesome is the only word to describe it.

Agnelli & Nelson - El Nino
(Original Mix)

Definitely Right and Exact

This is a real classic. Everything you need in a club track, great intro, great vocals and a piano break to die for.
Chrissy Ward - she was really hot as well. I remember seeing her do a PA at Love To Be in Sheffield - she rocked.
The choon's great as well.
Everyone's a winner!!

Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Todd Terry creates a classic

A really quality tune from Todd "the God" Terry.
Fantastic vocals also by Shannon.
A really great track me thinks!!
I've added 2 different mixes as I like both equally.

Todd Terry featuring Shannon - It's Over Love

(Original Mix)
(Funky Green Dogs Miami Club Mix)

Monday, 23 February 2009

Great Rhythm - Last Rhythm

A fantastic track which got played for what seemed like years.
One that you never seem to get sick of as well, no matter how many times you hear it.
The vocal version was also very good, although I have to say that I prefer this version.

A pure club classic indeed!!

Last Rhythm - Last Rhythm

Morales helps Janet make it Throb!!

Great production again my Mr Morales, transforming another Janet Jackson track into a classic and making her Throb.

Go on girl Throb!! "Make me throb, make me wet"

Great bit of Sax also. (Thats sax with an "a")

This used to rock the floor.

Janet Jackson - Throb
(Morales Backyard Mix)

Wo Wo Aggh Woo!!!

Another track that got hammered in clubs and rightly so.
A fine track with great feeling.
"Wo Wo Aggh Woo" indeed!!

Collapse - My Love

Talk about Liberation (2)!!

This one rocked the nations dancefloors. I clearly remember a night in Back to Basics in Leeds when the crowd when crazy to this.

Along with Jesse Jackson quote "You must smile through your tears"

I think this is better than the first Liberation track.

Liberation - Liberation 2

Never thought I'd be posting Britney!!

Britney Spears in Club Classics are you for real??

Check out this remix though - different class.
What do you reckon??

Britney Spears - Piece of Me
(Tiesto Club Mix)

Sasha creates a masterpiece!!

Another one that probably got on peoples nerves a bit due to overplay.
Around in 1992 this got played in every club up and down the country week in week out for months on end.
A great example of a track that builds and builds and then breaks into a truly magnificent finale.
The dancefloor used to erupt when the "Yeaah" piano bit kicked in.
Good memories indeed.

D-Ream - U R the Best Thing
(Sasha dub mix)

Another one for the old Rave possee

"Brothers and Sisters I want to see it, I want to see it"

Another one verging on the slightly cheesy angle, but a great track all the same.

Everyone, lets have those hands in the air!!!

2 Funky 2 - Brothers and Sisters

Bizarre Inc - A Rave Classic!!

This should open some debate around the cheese or classic issue.
In my eye a true club classic. Yes it's a bit cheesy, yes it got played to death, yes it's appeared on every "rave" compilation ever made, but come on; back in 1990 this epitomised the whole rave scene and it was such a glorious time, when clubs rocked and people danced without a care in the world!!

We'll try to forget that it appeared on Top of the Pops.
Those in favour of it being a club classic; say "aye"!

Bizarre Inc - Such a Feeling

Welcome to Clubland Mariah

The track that truly brought Mariah to Clubland.
Morales produces a masterpiece with one of his finest remixes.
The combination of Mariah's amazing vocals and the piano riffs create a pure club classic that rocked every dancefloor in clubland for months back in 1993.

Mariah Carey - Dreamlover
(Morales Def Club Mix)

This one makes the earth rock!!

I first heard this at the Corn Exchange in Leeds during a Sasha set back in approx '94.
It literally felt like the roof was coming off when he played this.
The track has appeared on virtually every compilation going, but this shouldn't detract from the fact that it is an absotely stonking tune and one that rocked clubland for weeks on end.
It's one of those tracks that shakes you to the core. Awesome!!

The Age of Love - The Age of Love
(Jam and Spoon Watch out for Stella mix)

A simply beautiful track.

This is one of those tracks that is beautifully produced.
Just check out that tinkly piano.
Real emotion and quality in this one.

Electribe 101 - Talking To Myself

Sunday, 22 February 2009

First you had Lemon heres Orange

An absolute classic that rocked so many of the nations dancefloors and was hammered by Oakie, who of course was responsible for this masterpiece.

I particularly remember Oakie playing this at Cream in the Annexe- great memories.

Rise - Orange
(A.K.A. Paul Oakenfold)

Saturday, 14 February 2009

Morales creates another Classic!!

Ditto the last post another one which has to be up there as one of Morales finest remixes.

An absolute classic which goes superbly with Heather Small's vocals.

Check this out and Enjoy!!

M-People - Itchycoo Park
(Morales Club Classic Mix)

Morales creates an absolute Classic!!

This has to be up there with one of Morales finest remixes.
A truly beautiful record with amazing vocals.
It provides a great feel good factor.

Novocento - Day and Night
(Morales Radio Edit)

Friday, 6 February 2009

Bring out the Sunshine. "One, Two, Three, Four"

A classic summer tune, a tad cheesy, but the piano riff is still infectious.
You can't help but smile when you hear this.

Raul Orellana - The Real Wild House

Staying on Themes

Whilst on themes, another classic.
This time the theme from Blade Runner. This was huge in clubs in the 90s.
Check out that tinkly piano.

Remake - Theme from Bladerunner

Balearic Heaven from DJ Alfredo

Check this out for a bit of Balearic Heaven commonly played by DJ Alfredo in Ibiza.
Try and forget the TV show (if you're old enough to remember it).
Just listen to the track, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Theme from Hill Street Blues

Fruit of Love indeed

A bit borderline in terms of a club classic, but a great track all the same.
A tad on the heavy side, but it still rocks.

Transformer 2 - Fruit of Love

Lemon - Orange - Oakie does this biz!!

U2 brought out a pretty dodgy track out called Lemon. Oakie got his hands on it and mixed it into a truly great version.
Later came Orange another Oakie classic.
Did you ever hear his Goa mix? That was legendary.
I'll post it if anyone is interested.

Meanwhile enjoy this slice of Lemon!!

U2 - Lemon (Perfecto Mix)

Open your heart to this!!

Oh go on then just another BiR special.
This time M-People get the treatment. I wasn't so keen the first listen, but by the second I was hooked, so give it chance.

Another true classic.

M-People - Open your Heart
(Brothers in Rhythm remix)

If you like Pulp Fiction - you'll love this!!

Chris and James create a club classic with a great Pulp Fiction sample.
God bless Samuel L.
Chris and James did some fantastic stuff and were great DJs as well.
I feel that they never got the true recognition their talent deserved.

Chris and James - Fox Force Five

"Need some, We need some, Need some We need some"

My favourite Inner City track, an absloute classic.

It brings back fantastic memories of dancing on the bar at Leeds Warehouse.


Inner City - Pennies from Heaven

BiR even make David Bowie cool again

The BiR team can even make an old rock god like David Bowie come to life.
This one came out of nowhere, but rocked the dancefloors in the late 90s.

This blog is in danger of becoming a BiR shrine.
No more BiR for a while, I promise. Although....

David Bowie - Jump They Say
(Brothers in Rhythm Remix)

"I'm not leaving without you, I don't wanna be free"

This track used to really rock.
This is the best remix version, which I've now updated.
"Nobody loves me"!!

Donna Giles - And I'm Telling You
(Stonebridge Mix)

U2 - get the BiR treatment to great effect

Those guys do it again.
Brothers in Rhythm provide a belting remix to a great U2 song.
It's a bit harder than their usual stuff, but what a choon.
Another one that just builds and builds into that fantastic hands in the air moment.

U2 - Staring at the Sun
(Brothers in Rhythm mix)

"By the look on your face you've found a new place"

A perfect example of track that builds and builds, then takes off when the piano kicks in.
This used to get hammered in clubs circa 1994.
I particularly remember Love to Be in Sheffield which was rockin around that time.

Sam Ellis - Club Lonely (Luvdup mix)

Blondie rocks!!

Don't tell me this is cheesy as I don't want to hear it.
It brings back some great memories of Wobble in Birmingham - Chris and James on the 1's and 2's. Rockin.

Blondie - Atomic (Remix)

Another classic

If you ever heard Sasha in the early 90s, you'd of been sure to have heard him play this.
An absolute monster of a track with a great build up and breakdown and was very reminiscent of his sets in those days.

Great DJ, great track. Enjoy.
(Get the picture? Evolution!!)

Evolution - Metropolis
(Piano Dub Mix)

Classic or Cheese. Come on classic!!

Another one that sails close to the edge. However, it falls safely on the side of classic.
Brings back some great memories from the Ark flyer across.
I used to love this in clubs circa 1991.

"To be, to be free again"

East Side Beat - Ride Like the Wind

A really cool tune

I searched for this for ages having had it on an old mix tape many years ago around 1990.

A truly great track. Those vocals are haunting "I Love you".

Let's fly away!!

Ultraviolet - Kites

This will bring back some memories

A club classic back in the days.

Check out the piano riff.
It's a moment in time. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

4 for Money - Moment in Time

Another perfect "end of night" tune.

This is sheer bliss.

Edie Brickell - Circle