Saturday, 18 July 2009

PCC is away on his hols!!!

Hello to all, I'm away on my hols for 2 weeks, so here's a beautiful little track to bring some cheer and happiness to you all.
This is one of my favourite balearic tracks, absolutely perfect for a sunny day (it should've also appeared in my Top 30 really).
Those who know it, will love it, those who don't, get on it.
"I put a seashell to my ear and it all comes back"
Keep your all time Top 10's, 20s, or 30s coming, the response to date has been great.
Looking forward to picking up with you all shortly.

Best regards, PCC.
A Man Called Adam - Barefoot in the Head

Thursday, 16 July 2009

PCC's All Time Favourite Top 30 Club Classics

Well it's been a while coming but here it is;
this is in my opinion the greatest 30 Club Classics of All Time.
Now I've tried to take all emotion out the selection, there are many tracks which bring back fantastic memories of certain nights or experiences and for those reasons you categorise the tracks as your favourites. Well with this selection I have tried to avoid all that. The tracks have been selected because in my opinion they are simply the greatest tracks ever to be played on a club dancefloor. It's quite amazing that when I look through the tracks I've selected they give a really good mixture of all the types of music I really love and they weren't slected with that in mind at all. I've categorised them as Balearic, Old Skool, Brothers in Rhythm, Jimmy Gomez, Chris and James remixes, Oakie Trance, Classic House, Nu Skool and Disco.
Now I know that this will cause a whole load of debate and lots of people will have their own favourites and think some of the 30 are not worthy. Well it is only my opinion, I'd love to hear other peoples Top 10 - have a go see if you can do it. I started thinking about a Top 10 and then realised there were just too many tracks which I loved and couldn't really not include them, it was then going to be a Top 20, then Top 25 - then it extended to a Top 30. If you can't manage a Top 10 - give me a Top 5.
I'm going to leave this post up for a while, as I'm going on my hols for two and half weeks. So please let me have your comments and feedback - good or bad - agree or disagree. Please note that all the tracks and links are posted on the blog and all the tracks are also featured on PCC's YouTube site and on this blog also.
I hope you enjoy this post and let me have your all time faves in reply.
Thank you all for your continued support. Remember this is your blog, I just administer it for you and approve the quality of tracks.

Very Best regards, PCC.

Pure Club Classics
Greatest All Time Favourite Top 30 Club Classic Tracks

1 - Digitalis - Accepting and Giving (Old Skool)
2 - Punchanello - San Transcisco (Old Skool)
3 - Chris Rea - Josephine (La Version Francaise)
4 - Anthony White - Love Me Tonight (Gomez Rocks The Joint Mix)
5 - Dilemma - In Spirit (Old Skool)
6 - Underground Posse - Straight Up House (Old Skool)
7 -Everything But The Girl - Missing (Chris and James Full On Club Mix)
8 - Brian Kennedy - Love, Life and Happiness (Jimmy Gomez Remix)
9 -Brand New Heavies - Back To Love (Graeme Park Remix)
(Classic House)
10 - Angel Heart - Come Back To Me (Lisa Marie Experience Remix) (Nu Skool)
11 - Shakespeare's Sister - You're History
(Brothers In Rhythm Remix)
12 - Bruce Hornsby and The Range - The Way It Is
(Brothers In Rhythm Remix)
13 - Parra Dice - Can You Hear Me (Old Skool)
14 - Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Original Mix) (Oakie Trance)
15 -Binary Finary - 1998 (Matt Darey Remix) (Oakie Trance)
16 - Charlotte - Sugar Tree (Roger Sanchez's Uplifting Mix) (Classic House)
17- M-People - Itchycoo Park (Morales Classic Club Mix) (Classic House)
18 - Janice Robinson - Children (Cotton Club's Fantastic Mix) (Nu Skool)
19 - Dan Hartman - Relight My Fire
20 - Propaganda P-Machinery (T-empo remix - The Journey continues) (Nu Skool)
21 - G and V Jay - I'm Gonna Get The Boy (Old Skool)
22 - The Project Featuring Linda Rice - Out Of Control (Old Skool)
23 - Agnellis and Nelson - El Nino
(Oakie Trance)
24 - Edie Brickell - Circle (Balearic)
25 - Isha D - Stay (Tonight) (Original Dance Mix) (Classic House)
26 - Paul Oakenfold featuring Carla Werner - Southern Sun (Original Mix) (Oakie Trance)
27 - Ramp - Rock The Discotek (FAG Version) (Nu Skool)
28 - Denise Lopez - Don't You Wanna Be Mine (Old Skool)
29 - Medium High - The Pleasure (Chris and James Remix)
30 - U2 - Staring At The Sun (Brothers in Rhythm Remix)

Where's my Madonna - post gone???

I only put up a Madonna post a few days ago and now it's disappeared??
Very strange, but this sometimes happens with the big recording artists, who I believe have people tracking links and removing them (it'll be interesteing to see how long the link below stays up).
Bloggers generally get a message from Blogger informing them that this site could be closed down.
Well not to be dettered - I'll put the post back up, but not the link.
It's a great track and one of the best club versions of a Madonna track, thanks to an excellent remix by the legend that is Mr Paul Oakenfold.
If anyone wants to download the track, send me an email and I'll supply the link (we will not be beaten!!).

Madonna - Give It To Me
(Paul Oakenfold Club Mix)

Introducing DJ Drew G - Future Star DJ!!!

I get an awful lot of tracks which people send to me asking for reviews, posting it on the blog and the like. To be honest the majority of them (about 90% in fact) are pretty crap and certainly not worthy of Pure Club Classic status.
So when I get sent some recently from a DJ Drew G, I was thinking along those lines.
However, I thought let's have a listen before making any judegements.
Boy wasn't I glad that I did, the first track I put on was this Madonna remix and I have to say it is absolutely awesome. A really beautiful remix, which complements Madonna vocals perfectly.
See if you can spot where the sample if from??
I've since listened to a few more of Drew's remixes and they are also of a realy high quality and very versatile in style. I'll post some more in future, those which are PCC status.
Drew has a pretty strong reputation in the US for DJ-ing, remixing and producing and I guess is very much less known in the UK.
However, with his talent I'm sure you'll hear more of him in the future. To date he was produced for the likes of Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Whitney, Mariah amongst others. He is a protegee
of Peter Rauhofer and Junior Vasquez, the two leading DJs and producers in the U.S., hence quite a pedigree. For more info check out his my space
Here's the track. Let me know what you think?? Quality innit!!

Madonna - Miles Away
(Drew G's Innocent Mix)

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

My Favourite All Time - Club Classic!!

Stay peeled folks, I've got a new feature which will be coming soon.
I've going to be uploading my all time favourite Top 30 Club Classics.
This will be posted shortly meanwhile, please find my favourite all time club track.
I've posted it before on the blog, but this time I've upped a video and a montage through clubbing history from back in 1987 when it all kicked off through to the end of the 90's.
The track is an absolute anthem of epic proportions, hearing it in a club just put you in another place. The look on peoples faces when it came on - Pure Ecstasy.
Anyway I hope you like the track and the video and the forthcoming feature.
As always keen to have your feedback.
Get on it!! They don't come any better than this.

No. 1 in PCC's All Time Pure Club Classics Top 30

Digitalis - Accepting and Giving

Follow your dreams - Daydreamers!!

There's not many tracks, that have the best moment at the very beginning of the recording, however this is the exception.
Those opening piano chords are amazing and whenever you heard them in a club they just sent tingles down your spine.
Another example of a fantastic old skool piano choon (this one with a more laid back feel than most from that genre) and another track that still sounds great today.
It may be a cliche, but they simply don't make tracks this good anymore.
Daydreemer - Jo's Theme

Relax and discover the Melodies of Passion!!

Here's a fantastic little track for all those old skool clubbers out there.
Believe it or not this dates back to 1991 - it seems like yesterday.
This was (and still is) a fantastically blissed out tune.
It was one of those tracks where you felt like you were floating when it came on.
Really beautiful and absolutely timeless, it still sounds as good today as it did way back then.
The Living Like A Big Bang version was the one most widely played, but I actually prefer the Meeting - Radio Piano Version - which is more balearic in style.
Both versions are pure club classics - no question.

Andy On The Eve - Melodies of Passion
(Living Like The Big Bang version)

Andy On The Eve - Melodies of Passion
Meeting (Radio Piano Version)

This was dream music before anyone had even heard of Robert Miles!!!

Check this out, for possibly the greatest "Dream Music" track of all time.
This was made before people had even heard of Robert Miles.
Do you remember how excited everyone was when "Children" first came out and how fresh it sounded and even though we now look back in hindsight and think of it as being a tad cheesy, at the time everyone was playing it and it was massive in clubs.
Karma - The Heart is in my opion a better track.
It is quite simply a piece of outstanding mellow trance music - talk about a feel good factor!!
Different Class!! Turn it up loud and bliss out!!
By the way if anyone has a longer version - I'd appreicate having a copy, as this version is only 3.17 mins. long.

Karma - The Heart

Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Take your Passion and make it happen!!!

Possibly one of the cheesiest tracks I've posted on the blog, but that doesn't stop it being a great track and well worthy of being posted.
This was a huge favourite in the camper clubs back in 1995.
It was huge at Vague in Leeds and was a track absolutley hammered by Jon of the Pleased Wimmin (who also did a remix of the track - which wasn't as good as this original mix).
It might well be cheesy, but you can't help but like it.
It's certainly got plenty of passion!!

Amen - Passion
(Wand Mix)

Are you ready for love??

What can I say about this track, except that it is an absolute stomper!!
Loads of high pitched singing, a really thumping rhythm, lots of pounding piano - it's a real Euro-type-screamer (despite originating from the UK).
It's one of those tracks which you just can't help to like, with a real feel good factor (although bodering on slightly cheesy - for the purists amongst you?).
Well worth a listen though and to be part of anyones collection.
Enjoy people!!

Ultra High - Are You Ready For Love
(Original Master Mix)

Another Chris and James Classic Remix!!!

It was good to get some feedback on the blog today from Chris Day of DJ and Remix supremo's Chris and James.
I've posted quite a lot of their stuff on this blog, quite simply because most of what they did was superb and exactly the sort of music I loved and still do love.
They are right up there in my book with Brothers in Rhythm and Jimmy Gomez as the best remixers in the business. I thought their remix of Everything But The Girl's - Missing - was nothing short of sensational and still remains one of my favourite tracks of all time. It was a travesty how the Todd Terry remix got all the good press, when in my opinion it wasn't a patch on the C&J mix.
I also heard C&J - DJ in clubs many times and their sets were always rocking.
This track typifies their style, absolutley rocking.
Get on it - this is pure quality!! Check the key changes, the piano, the build up and the breakdowns - Awesome!!
Chris if you view this, I'd appreciate a few of your remixes which I have missing from my collection!!

INXS - Original Sin
(Chris and James Epic Adventure Mix)

Monday, 13 July 2009

Cocaine - don't do it, it's sad!!!

Here's a real old skool classic dating back to 1991. It's got some great piano.
However on the subject the old Bolivian marching powder. Don't do it, it's not big and it's not clever, those who do it are generally pretty sad. Listen peeps, there are lots of better things out there, to amuse yourself with, so steer clear.
However, do enjoy the track, as it's a quality tune!

Dino Lenny - Cocaine

This certainly isn't Garbage, it's Special!!!

Here's another classic BiR remix. This isn't one of their most upbeat, but it is a real grower.
Slightly on a more trance-y vibe and less of the trademark BiR piano and epic key changes, but nonetheless it's still a really great track.
It may take you a view listens to get into it, but I'm sure it'll grow on you given the chance.

Garbage - Special
(Brothers in Rhythm Mix)

Classic or Cringe???

I thought long and hard about whether or not to post this tune. Part of the track is totally cringe-worthy and although sounding good back in 1991 - listening to it today is pretty painful (the "we gonna get this place" bit and all the cheesy ravey noises - "house nation" etc - aggh - horrendous. Then again the chorus part "I'm alrright", "Turn, turn, turn turn it up" and the piano is still absolutely belting and sounds just as good now as it did back in the daze.
The jury's out for me. Classic or Cringe - you decide??
Hope you like the patriotic image - even if the track is of Spanish origin!! Oh well!!

R.A.F. - We Gonna Get

Saturday, 11 July 2009

An old skool classic to kick start your Saturday morning!!!

This should wake you up and help to kick start your weekend.
All I can say is "choooon"!!!
This brings back great memories of singing along
"I've got the mu, mu, mu-sic, - mu-sic"
There was no greater feeling then being in a club/rave and looking round at all the smiling faces all singing along;
"I've got the mu, mu, mu-sic, - mu-sic".
Oh sweet memories indeed!!
A fantastic old skool piano choon. Blow those whistles!!!
I've included 2 mixes as they are both really great, although the Jazz Crusade remix is slightly more laid back.

Seventh Sense - Get The Music
Seventh Sense - Get The Music
(Jazz Crusade)

More hands in the air please!!!

Here's another great track that just built and built and then finally exploded.
It had that oh so familar guitar riff from "Funky Guitar".
That's the great thing about dance tracks, they never have any shame in sampling each others tracks.
You may recall that The Flavour had an absolute club monster with "No Matter What You Do". While this one is now quite in that league, it's none the less a great track and was massive at Vague in Leeds and also Paradise Factory in Manchester and absolutely hammered by the likes of Jon of the Pleased Wimmin and TWA.
A really great club tune that never failed to set the dancefloor alight.
I've posted TC1992 as well, so you can haer the comparison and the guitar riff. Now this tune brings back some amazing memories of Back To Basics in Leeds. Whenever this track was played it was always one of the highlights of the night "1,2,3,4". I guess because it was so unique. There was simply nothing else like it out there at the time.
"Ain't no words to this song, you just dancing all alone"
Great memories, great times, great tracks. Enjoy people!!!

The Flavour - Superfly

TC1992 - Funky Guitar

Back to the Old Skool - Oh Yeah!!!

Now here's a track that will bring back some memories for you all.
This band PBT were pretty local to me (close to Leeds) and they used to play regularly at local dance/rave events like Universe (usually held in Bradford) back in the early 90's. They always really rocked the place and for some strange reason used to dress up in Nurse's outfits - Bizarre!!
This was there main track and a really great track with exactly the same riff and same vocals as FPI Project "Everybody All Over the World". However, it just sounded so much better than the FPI version. The intro was great and as soon as you heard it, you could "feel the rush"!!!
It was the special emphasis on the "just 4 you-ooo" that made this track special.
A real hands in the air old skool tune.
It also samples the Visionmasters " Keep Pumpin' it Up" Which was an awesome old piano choon. Just check out the piano on that one and the fabulous Kylie vocal (she never sounded so good). That tune used to remind me of some great nights at Angels in Burnley - where it was always a big favourite!!
Come on now (hands in the air) "Just 4, Just 4, Just 4 you-ooo"
I'll tell you what, as it's 3 for 1 night, I'll put up the other 2 tracks so you can compare and contrast.
To be fair they are all club classics. Remember hands in the air old skool posse!!!

Push Button Technology - Just 4 You

FPI Project - Everybody (All Over The World)

The Visionmasters featuring Kylie Minogue - Keep on Pumpin' it up

Friday, 10 July 2009

3 for the the price of one Last Rhythm!!!

Everyone knows what an all time classic this track is and I posted it on the blog many months back. However, this time you get 3 for the price of one.
It's very rare that you get a track that has a fantastic non-vocal version, a fantastic vocal version and an amazing remix.
Whilst the vocal and non-vocal versions are widely known and true club classics, just check out the Jimmy Gomez remix.
I'm not usually in favour of classic tracks being remixed and re-worked as they are quite often better just left alone, but this remix is absolutely splendid, in the usual Jimmy Gomez style.
It manages to keep the beautiful feel of the original, but makes it even "floatier" if that's possible??? It's a really lovely piece of music with some wonderful subtle piano chords thrown in.
Really, really clever. Rock on Jimmy G - you're the man!!!
Last Rhythm - Last Rhythm
(Original Club Mix)
Last Rhythm - Last Rhythm
(Vocal Battle Mix)
Last Rhythm - Last Rhythm
(Jimmy Gomez Voyage Of Discovery Mix)

Without BiR Remixes where would we be??

Seems like a while since I posted some BiR remixes (although there's been a few Steve Anderson ones).
BiR have remixed 3 different Placebo songs, all of which have a pretty unique vibe.
My favourite is "Without you I'm nothing" which is an absolutely blinding remix, very much trancier than usual BiR stuff, verging on an Oakenfold type trance vibe. Yeah, that's right awesome. The track just builds and builds "tick tock" indeed!!!
Turn it up loud!!!
I'll post the others in due course, in fact I think I now have every BiR remix, with the exception of those on "my most wanted list". If you can help with those, it'd be much appreciated.
Enjoy the music!!

Placebo featuring David Bowie - Without You I'm Nothing
(Brothers In Rhythm Club Mix)

2 Club Classics with a very similar vibe!!!

Well here's two club classics which in my mind have many similarities and the same feel.
Of course "Where Love Lives" is one of the seminal club classics of all time, but saying that it has been absolutely played to death and in my mind has now lost a little of that special appeal.
"Unbreak my heart" was more commercial than clubby, but this is a fantastic remix.
I guess they both have the same feel due to the fantastic production by house legend that is Frankie Knuckles (with a little help from Mr Morales on "Where Love Lives").
They are both great examples of really wonderful house music.
You can't beat a bit of quality house!!!

Toni Braxton - Unbreak My Heart
(Frankie Knuckles Classic Radio Mix)

Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives
(Classic Mix)

A lovely little summer's tune!!

Sometimes you just can't beat a little bit of quality house music.
Morales produces a great little mix to create a perfect summer's tune.
It's just got a really great rhythm to it and some excellent spanish guitar.
Never thought I'd be posting Eric Clapton on the PCC blog, but if it's quality, it get's posted and this is quality. A pure slice of Balearic Heaven.
Don't you just love summer!!!

Eric Clapton - (I) Get Lost
(David Morales Club Mix)

Eric Clapton - (I) Get Lost
(David Morales Stereo Dub)

Your sweet smiling face!!!

Here's one of my favourite tracks of all time. It's simply irresistible.
The track has it all wonderful vocals, great lyrics, some great subtle piano and it reaches some great peaks.
For once the Chris and James remix is not quite as good as the original, although it's still a cracking track. I've included both, so let me know which you think is best?
The original though, oh it's just a piece of heaven.
"I can't imagine a day without your sweet smiling face".
Great line, great tune, absolute dance classic, with a proper "feel good" vibe throughout.
Oh yeah, it's yet another track from the legendary Chris and James Essential Mix from 1994.
Isha D - Stay (Tonight)
(Original Dance Mix)
Isha D - Stay (Tonight)
(Chris and James Full Epic 12" Mix)

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Fancy something a little bit special????

I've made it no secret on the blog of my liking of all things Brothers in Rhythm remixed and thankfully the poll results also reflected a very strong desire to have more BiR remixes posted.
Well this isn't officially a BiR remix, but it is the next best thing - another fantastic remix by the legend that is Mr Steve Anderson.
If you liked the Xanadu post that I put up then you'll love this, as elements are very similar.
Whack on a fantastic vocal performance by Gloria "I Will Survive" Gaynor and you get an absolute club classic.
Give it a couple of listens as it's more of a grower, but it's high quality all the same, with the usual outstanding BiR production.
Get on it!!!

Gloria Gaynor - Last Night
(Steve Anderson Mardi Gras Mix)

Monday, 6 July 2009

The blog is now password free!!

Due to huge popular demand - the blog is now completely password free.
There was an overwhelming desire for this and hence your wishes have been granted.
However, please continue to leave comments and feedback, as this is always greatly appreciated.
There have been issues with people informing me that it is difficult to leave comments in the comments box, so I have removed the spam filter to make it easier. Also if people don't have a google account, just leave comments as anonymous and it should allow you to leave them ok.
Remember people this is ultimately "Your Blog", I simply administrate it. I'm happy to provide the requirements which you specifiy, my only stipulation is that only truly outstanding tracks are posted.
You can be assured that everything posted on this blog is a true club classic, quality of track is never compromised.
The poll results showed that you still have an overiding desire for old skool classics, hence here's one such track.
I used to love this back in 1991, I originally had it on a mix tape and used to rewind it constantly. The piano breakdown is amazing. Absolute quality. Ooooooh Pah Pah!!!

The Grid - Boom!
(Freestyle Mix)

Sunday, 5 July 2009

Come on - Let Love Shine!!!

Another real stomping tune from back in 1995 and another track whcih brings back fond memories of nights at Cream.
It took a while to track down the exact mix I was after, but big thanks to Harvs once again.
There are several people who have given fantastic support to this site providing tracks for "wanted gems". So a big shout out to Harvs, Grim Reaper, Antii, the boys from my favourite blog , thats Colo, Ste, Dave, Gav, Holty and the rest of the crew.
If there are any others who have provided tracks and I've not mentioned above a big shout out to you also. Respect.
Back to the track, it's one of those with a pretty long intro and build up, but oh wait for that piano breakdown - Awesome - a proper hands in the air moment - no doubt.
I'm going to be calling this type of track - Nu Skool in future. In my mind old skool was up to 1994, then came lots of different genres, e.g. Progressive House, Handbag House, Hard House, Disco House etc but none of them really capture tracks like this, so they will fall into the Nu Skool category, as there are lots of these type of tracks on the blog.
As with all new posts it is password free, so listen, enjoy and leave any comments.

Amos - Let Love Shine
(Cleveland City Ruff Mix)

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Back to the Poll Results!!!

We've had the password debate and going forward the blog will become a password free site.
The other overiding features of the blog were the desire for more old skool tracks with 38% of the votes this was by far the most popular category for tracks you want to see more of on the blog. There's no problem there as there are many more lined up to post. There was also a strong request for more classic house (24%), again more will be posted going forward. The next favourite category was more BiR and Jimmy Gomez remixes, again there are plenty more of these to come. There was then an equal desire approx 10% for more Balearic tracks, more New tracks, more DJ Mixes, all of which will be progressed in the coming months.

The biggest disappointment of the poll was the lack of interest in more Trance tracks like those which Paul Oakenfold used to play circa 1994 to 2000 (with a really diasppointing 2% of votes). I've mentioned it many times on the blog before how fantastic his sets were and some of the tracks were simply stunning.
Did all you old skool clubbers stop going out post 1994??
What about all those of you at Cream when Oakie was resident and absolutely rocking the Gaff??
Come on keep the faith in Oakie, the guy is a legend!!
Here's another of the classic tracks he used to play - which was very widely played and it is an absolute bona fide club classic. I remember being in Cream and this absolutely taking the roof off.
A simply brilliant track with great vocals, a fantastic (long) build up and a breadown that takes your breath away. Awesome!!! A great remix by Tiesto also.
It's a pretty long track (10 mins+) and it doesn't really kick in until 5.25, but when it does OMG (I'm getting goose bumps just listening to it again now).
If when listening to it full length a couple of times, give me your feedback, if you're still not getting it, then I'll have to give up with my trance/Oakie posts??

Delerium - Silence
(Tiesto in Search of Sunrise remix)

Welcome to my Filthy Mind!!!

I remember first hearing this on a Paul Oakenfold Essential Mix on Radio 1 back in 1999 and thinking what an amazing and unique tune.
It took me ages to track it down and find the right remix, but here it is.
In my opinion it is an absolute classic, unique in it's style and the lyrics are fantastic "I'm drowning, so come inside, welcome to my filthy mind!!!"
A great remix by Boy George and Kinky Roland.
This is one of those tunes no matter what mood you are in it'll make you smile.
If you're feeling down it'll perk you up, if you're in a good mood it'll enhance it.
I love it and thinks it's a really great tune.


Amanda Ghost - Filthy Mind
(Boy George & Kinky Roland Trancesexual Mix)

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Poll Results - The Great Password debate!!!

A big thank you to all those of you who voted on the poll.
They were some pretty clear results and some suprises in there as well.
Not surprisingly there was a big response to not having password protected download links, with 57% of voters requesting no passwords.
This is quite a complex issue and this is where I'm coming from;
Blogging is extremely time intensive, all bloggers do it for the love of the music and absolutely zero financial gain, all we ever ask is for a little feedback and now and again some postive comments if there is a particlaur track or feature that you've liked.
I added passwords to the links for 2 main reasons, one being that I thought it would give the blog more longevity and help to prevent it from being closed down and secondly as it was one way of getting people to leave their comments, feedback and experiences of some of the fantastic tracks which are posted. This has proved pretty successful in that people have left good feedback on the tracks, although some people have reported it as being a pain and a hassle.
So there is still an ever increasing desire to have no passwords for the downloads, however when I recently posted the 6 Michael Jackson links on Saturday, within 4 days there has been a total of 624 downloads with one track "Smooth Criminal" being downloaded 134 times.
That means at least 134 people have downloaded that track and not one single person has had the courtesy to leave a comment or to provide some feedback. Now I'm not expecting 134 comments, but it' gets to the stage when you think what is the value in keeping the blog going and "what's in it for me".
This is not a dig at everyone, there has been some wonderful feedback and some great contributers to the blog, however blogging is not a public service and I'm starting to question the future value of keeping the blog going.
There you have it, you have my thoughts on the matter.
As a compromise and to gauge future reaction I will post new posts without any passwords.
If feedback and comments are positive I will continue in this vein going forward.
I look forward to hearing any further views.
Now to end on a positive note, I present to you with yet another fantastic choon!!
This is very similar to the original version by Denise Johnson (which came out in 1994), this one came 2 years later, but in my opinion far supasses it. It is an amazing version with a truly fantastic remix by Jon of the Pleased Wimmin. The piano in this is absolutely awesome.
This is one that both the old skool and the nu skool possees will love.

Mozaic - Rays of the Rising Sun
(Jon of the Pleased Wimmin - Electric Beach Mix)