Saturday, 30 May 2009

Go on Gimme a Smile!!

Here's a club classic that can't but help to make you smile.
This was always a big track, that used to go down well at Cream and have everyone beaming!!
Go on "Gimme a Smile"!!!
This one goes out to Brian who I know loves this.

Lost Tribe - Gimme a Smile

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Re-posting, because it's too good not to!!

Re-posting this (no, the track not the picture), simply beacuase it is one of the all time great club tracks.
Last time I posted this it was quickly withdrawn by the "blogger link police", hence if anyone wants the link please drop me a line in the usual way by email.
It is such a good track that it simply had to go back on the blog.
Absolutely hammered in the day by all the top DJ's, notably Sasha and it was a huge Hacienda classic and that is where I remember it best. A true classic!!
It's the tune, the rhythm, the vocals, the lyrics, the piano - all simply awesome.
From those first opening lines;
"I can feel you staring, your eyes undressing me, every time I'm near you boy, my heart skips a beat"
"Stop anticipating don't play hide and seek, my love's for the taking, if you're playing for keeps"
"Turn around make your move, wait too long and you might lose , don't you wanna be mine, don't wanna be mine"
Sheer quality!!
What better way to celebrate my 200th Post!!! With many more to come!!

Denise Lopez - Don't You Wanna Be Mine

Which is the best Brothers and Sisters???

Here's two absolute classic old skool tracks, both very similar in vibe and anthemic proportions and believe it or not both called Brothers and Sisters.
So which is best the 2 Funky 2 track or the XL Rhythm track??
I bet you could make a good mash up of these two tracks.
The 2 Funky 2 version has already been posted on the blog some time ago, but here are both tracks. Have a listen and let me know which you think is best?
I'm undecided to me they are both great.

XL Rhythm - Brothers and Sisters

2 Funky 2 - Brothers and Sisters

A lovely little piano tune from 1994!!

Even though the scene had moved more into the progressive house and trance genre in 1994, there were still some little gems coming out that were more akin with the tunes of 1990/1991 era.
This is a great little piano tune whch came out in 1994, but still sounds good today.
Really catchy vocals, with some quality piano throughout. A nice little tune worthy of PCC status.

Bit Machine feat. Daisy Dee & Karen Jones - Somebody Real

Monday, 25 May 2009

A Bangin' Track - Perfect for a Bank Holiday!!

Catch a load of this, a really kickin' track and the pefect way to kick start your Bank Holiday.
This is one of those tracks that had amazing effect on the dancefloor and really had everyone giving it their all. Very driving, very pumping, perfect club music.
Get this on your stereo, get this on you ipod, turn up loud and rock out!!

Ritmo De Vida - The Spirit is Justified
(Outdares Full Throttle Mix)

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Not exactly a PCC - but an amazing moment!!

Does anyone remember being at the Warehouse in Leeds, when they played this??
It would have been about June 1991.
It has to be one of the most amazing tracks I've ever heard dropped in a club!!
When it came on it frightened the life out of me, it came on so loud and literally made me jump out of my skin.
It really was an amazing moment and one I've never forgotten. I don't think I ever heard it dropped anywhere else? Anyone else ever heard it out?
Those of you who haven't ever heard it in a club, just imagine the scene, you're absolutely rocking to some of the finest old skools tunes, in a hot sweaty dancefloor and then comes on out of nowhere completely knocks you for six.
It is of course a very popular piece of classical music, some may also know it from The Doors movie and it featured on The Doors soundtrack.
It still sends shivers down my spine even today.

Carl Orff's - Carmina Burana - O Fortuna

Get on the floor you Sexy Dancer!!

You've just got to love a track which states "Get on the floor you sexy dancer, you sexy dancer" (No I don't think she's saying it to Mr Cappello).
You then chuck in a great intro and an amazing piano break and what do you get; a real bona fide club classic.
Another track which uses the Outrage - Tall N' Handsome piano break to great effect.
A really great track with an instant uplifting feel. Rockin'!!
It's good to see our England Manager appreciates the finer things in life!!

The Rockford Files - You Sexy Dancer

Fancy a classic "Piano Choon"!!!

Hands up in the air for this a true old skool "piano choon" classic.
Very much in keeping with those classic old skool tunes which we all know and love.
"Do it to me one more time" Why not!!

Nu-Luv - Do it

Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Now the Pet Shop Boys get BiR'd!!

Now I know I talk about Balearic Brilliance quite a bit on the blog and have explained my terminolgy of this several times, but I have to say that this track fits perfectly into that mode.
This is one of my favourite BiR remixes. It's a fantastic laid back, yet unbelieveably uplifting piece of music. The piano in this is absolutely epic.
I'd defy anyone to say that they don't like this track. It is simply amazing from start to finish.
As mentioned I think this is one of BiR's best remixes.
Pure Perfection!!
Pure Balearic Brilliance!!!

Pet Shop Boys - We All Feel Better in the Dark
(Brothers in Rhythm After Hours Climax Mix)

Fancy a little more MJ (BiR stylee)???

Why not!! Here comes another.
This time we're definitley "startin' something".
Let's do the maths;
Classic MJ + Brothers in Rhythm remix = Pure Club Classic
This is a must for MJ fans, BiR fans or just simply those who love great club music.
Again no link provided, just drop me an email if you want it.

Michael Jackson - Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'
(Brothers in Rhythm Remix)

How about a little bit of MJ (BiR style).

Just when you thought it was safe to come out, here comes another fantastic remix from the BiR maestro's.
In my mind this was one of MJ's best tracks, hence you get BiR to remix it and you have a "pure club classic".
It has a great teasing intro with the usual Jacko "ow", then in kick the police sirens, then it builds and brings in the vocals to great effect, whilst always maintaining the integrity of the song.
"Annie are you ok" indeed.
If anyone wants a link to this track, then send an email to me direct.
I daren't post it as I'm sure that the blogger/download police will be after me.
Trust me this ones a classic!!

Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal
(Brothers in Rhythm Remix)

Monday, 18 May 2009

Now it's time for the Mighty Ming!!

Well there's been plenty of BiR remixes posted on the blog, so why not some of their original productions.
This has to be one of the great club tracks of all time, it was so unique at the time and was hammered by every DJ in Clubland.
I distinctly remember a night at the Corn Exchange in Leeds when Sasha dropped it. I was dancing on the stairs and looked up to the roof and saw the aeroplane that was suspended from the ceiling(anyone remember that) and it felt like I was flying in it.
It's just the way the track builds and builds, then builds some more before it explodes.
It is simply one of the most uplfting tracks ever made.
It just further confirmed the BiR team's talent, if it was ever in doubt (which i wasn't).
I've also added the Mighty Ming - Forever and a Day mash up which was also popular.
In my mind though you can't beat the original version.
Brothers Love Dubs - The Mighty Ming
The Mighty Ming vs Forever and a Day

Sunday, 17 May 2009

Now this is what I call Balearic!!

I've mentioned on this blog before my definition of Balearic, which to me are tunes which are not really dance tunes, probably slighty commercial, may be a left field, but none the less, perfect for dropping in the middle of a set in club (or even last song).
Just think about all those nights you've been out and what are the tracks you remember most from great nights, it's tracks like REM - Shiny Happy People, Chris Rea - Jospehine, Talking Heads - Once in a lifetime, The Sex Pistols - God Save the Queen (a huge Back to Basics fave), Edie Brickell - Circles, Carly Simon - Why, Brue Hornsby - The Way It is, A-Ha - The Sun Always Shines on TV, Duran Duran - Save a Prayer, Kylie Minogue - Shocked by the Power, Stone Roses - Fools Gold, Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Healy's end of night fave), Spin Doctors - 2 Princes and lots of others. These are all non dance tracks which I heard out in clubs over the years and which dropped at the right time had the most amazing effect. These in my mind are truly balearic.
Here's another which fits perfect in this Balearic category. A true Balearic classic.

Yazoo - Nobody's Diary

Very Sweet indeed!!

Anyone who ever went to any of the Ark nights in Leeds and Bradford circa 1991 and 1992, will remember this being played. It was usually played last song of the night by Gary Norman.
The version he played was without the rap in it and it is that version I prefer. However, I've not been able to track it down, so here is the next best thing.
It's an absolute classic and was the perfect end of the night track. Very similar in style to Edie Brickell - Circles - one of my faves and another perfect end of night track.
Very Sweet indeed!!
Funnily enough for such a great track, I never heard it played anywhere else other than those Ark nights.
If anyone can find the "non rap" version, please let me know.
Cheers. Enjoy!!

Sweet Beat - Sweet Louise

Friday, 15 May 2009

Old Skool Anthem of the highest calibre!!

This is another one which comes under the category of impossible not to love!!
Loaded with a piano breakdown to die for, just check the piano out when it kicks in.
If you didn't rock to this when it was dropped then you didn't have a dancing bone in your body.
Another simply awesome track - which almost 20 years later still sounds as good as it did in the days when it was dropped on a regular basis in the countrys finest clubs.
Every time I hear it I still can't help but throw a few shapes to it.
In a nutshell - one of the finest old skool tracks ever!!

Punchanello - Santrancisco

Oh check this one - Old Skool indeed!!!

Just came across this again recently - what a track!! I had it on a DJ mix tape going back to 1991.
I absolutely played it to death, it was one of those tracks that I used to rewind constantly and play again.
The combination of superb rap and the break when it used to cut to put you in heaven!!
You youngsters don't know how lucky you are today,to be able to get virtually what you want when you want on-line. Back in the daze we used to search for vinyl in all the best record shops and exchange DJ mix tapes. It was like winningf the lottery coming out of Eastern Bloc or Jumbo records or the like after spending 15 quid on a really rare 12". You'd then play it to death and couldn't wait to hear if it was dropped the next Saturday night.
Those who remember this one. Say I!! It's brings back great memories of clubbing in Blackpool, Zone and Sequins.

Underground Posse - Straight Up House

Do they get any better than this??

I get some great feedback on all the Old Skool posts, all the Balearic posts and also all the BiR posts, but very little on the Oakie posts.
Yes Oakie's stuff was a bit harder edged, a bit trancier, but equally as good, if not better at sending the floor "delirious". His sets took you on a journey like no other DJ.
Come on lets feel a little love and show your appreciation for the Greatest DJ ever - bar none.
This one is an absolute monster. If you've not heard it before, then I strongly advise you to download it and have a listen, as I'm sure you'll love it, then you'll be converted.
It's probably one you may not know by title, but you'll know it once you hear it.
The beat basically stops mid track and the piano tinkles, then it kicks back in. Awesome!!
For me it brings back fantastic memories of Oakie rocking the gaffe at Cream.
It's simply immense. Enjoy
For those who need more convincing get yourself a copy of;
Oakenfold Anthems (The Classic Perfecto Mix By Paul Oakenfold) - Various Artists.
Or if you really want it, let me know and I'll post it.
Finally big shout out to DJ Ste from for reminding me what this track was called and providing a link. Check his new mix on his blog, it's quality.
Veracocha - Carte Blanche
(Original Mix)

Thursday, 14 May 2009

This'll make you Dance All Night!!

Here comes one of my all time fave dance tracks which brings back some wonderful memories of nights at the Hacienda.
A massive shout out to Paul for finding this track for me. Top Man.
If you haven't heard this before you'll love it. In my mind this was every bit as good as the likes of "Where Love Lives".
A true club classic with great vocals, wonderful rolling piano, a simply awesome track.
One that made you Dance All Night!!
"Everybody get up on the floor tonight, gonna make you feel so real, make everything go right"
"Let the, let the music, let it take control, feel it deep inside you, let it move your soul"
"We're gonna Dance All Night" "Dance All Night"

Gina Stewart - Dance All Night
(Club Mix)

Remember - it's Just an Illusion!!

Here's a real chilled out Hacienda Classic, especially for Stevie G.
A really quality remix from the top Hacienda jocks; Messrs Park and Pickering.
Just check out that beautiful tinkly piano, luvverly!!
Remeber it's "Just an Illusion" it's not moving really!!
Unless maybe you've been on the Microdots, Strawbs, Ohms or the like!!
Imagination - Just An Illusion
(Graeme Park and Mike Pickering Remix)

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Believe me this is Paradise?? (Parra Dice)

There are some old skool tracks that were great, remain great and will always be great. There are others which although sounded great at the time, then became overplayed, overhyped, crossed over into the main stream and then lost their appeal.
On this blog I try to avoid posting the latter and try to post the former.
Then there are some tracks like this one, which is an absolute old skool classic, is still relatively unknown, but every time you hear it, it still sounds absolutely amazing.
Everytime I listen to this track, it sends shivers down my spine. It is simply awesome.
If you've never heard it before, download it and let me know what you think, if you have heard it before, just rejoice in it's quality once more.
For those train spotters out there it samples both "Ralph Rosario - You Used To Hold Me" and "Kariya - Let Me Love You for Tonight"
This is simply a "Top Choon". Possibly one of the greatest old skool tracks ever!!!
"Got a message for your mind, got a message you must find"
"Can you here me, please hear me, cos I know you don't understand"

Parra Dice - Can You Hear Me

Been a while since we had some Oakie!!!

There's been lots of Balearic, BiR, Old Skool posted recently, hence about time we had a bit of my other fave genre, let's call them "Oakie Tracks".
The maestro that is Paul Oakenfold used to drop tracks like these with clinical ease.
They are simply stupendous tracks that build and build and then take off.
This one features some great vocals and used to simply take the roof off in clubs.
"I used to revere you; I'm trying hard to ignore you; but now I resent you; I which that I could forget you"
If you like this kind of stuff, let me know, as there is plenty more to come.

Highland - No Way Out
(Highland Remix)

I Wanna Love You Right!!

Let's get back to the old skool. Here's a classic which includes all the right ingredients.
Great vocals, great piano, superb rhythm - hence a pure club classic.
Check out the key change mid track - Awesome.
"I wanna, I wanna, love you right, I wanna, I wanna love you right"
Hands in the Air for this one - big time!!

Euphoria - Love You Right

This is the Look of Love!! - Go Jimmy G!!

Jimmy G's on a roll with another superb slice of Balearic Bliss.
This time he turns ABC's old hit into a dancefloor monster!!!
Again it's very much in the BiR stylee. long intro, great piano, whilst keeping the essence of the original track.
I know there'll be plenty of you out there that'll love this one.
Note the picture show's "The look fo love"!!!

ABC - The Look of Love
(Jimmy Gomez DMC Remix)

Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Another classic from Jimmy G!!!

It's been a while since I posted anything from the remix maestro that is Jimmy Gomez!
Here he sprinkles hos remix magic on a Savage Garden track.
As with most of Jimmy G's stuff, very BiR-esque.
Hence all those out there who champion BiR, you'll love this as well.
Big shout out to HTFT at for sharing this with me.
Check out his blog, it's real quality.

Savage Garden - To The Moon and Back
(Jimmy Gomez Remix)

Let's Get Away!!! Why Not!!

"Get away, get away I got to get away,
from all the trouble that comes my way from day to day"
"Get away, get away I need a holiday, so baby lets get away, yeah, yeah"
A really great catchy little number which brings back some good memories of clubbing in Manchester. I particularly remember this in an after hours club, after a rather heavy night clubbing!!
Simply a quality tune!!
Shauna Davis - Get Away
(Stonebridge and Nick Nice Club Mix)

A Back To Basics Club Classic!!

Anyone frequenting Back to Basics in Leeds during 1992 and 1994 will certainly remember this track. A real funky little number. With a great little catchy chorus and not one you'd likely forget the words to!!!
It was the only club that I ever used to hear it played, but every time was dropped it went down a real treat.
Check it out!!

Rockers Hi Fi - Push Push

Get into a little bit of France!!

A truly great track that builds and builds then takes off when the "horn" comes in at the end.
This track brings back great memories of Back To Basics in Leeds, it was constantly played as the Progressive House scene was reaching it's peak back in 1992.
Good times indeed. It's amazing that this was 17 years ago, it feels like yesterday!!
THK - France

Here is a Monster Mash Up!!

Now I'm not normally a fan of mash ups, but if they are done well as in this case, then so be it.
This one is different class!! It keeps the classic BiR piano track in tact, but adds Whitney's fantastic vocals. "Peace and Harmony" meets "Love Will Save The Day"
Whoever created this one, certainly pulled it off.
"What you need's, a little Peace and Harmony"
Check this one out!!

Whitney Houston vs. Brothers in Rhythm
Peace and Harmony Will Save the Day

Heres come's an Anthem (again)!!

Never mind "Here Comes the Rain Again", more like "Here come's another monster from the BiR stable, (again)".
This time BiR take what was a fantastic track in it's original form, BiR it up and produce an epic club monster.
Simply fantastic, great intro, great build, just a great track and a wonderful remix!!

Eurythmics - Here Comes The Rain Again
(Brothers in Rhythm Remix)

BiR in Balearic Bliss shocker!!

I've had some really amazing feedback on the BiR remixes posted recently notably Xanadu, Uninvited, Souvenir etc.
Hence as it seems that there are many of you out there, who like me love what BiR do to songs, that is transform them into epic club monsters, then here we are with another.
This time BiR take a really dodgy ABC track, tinkle with it as only they can do and create another great track. Not as instant as many of their others but still worthy of club classic status.
Another Balearic Belter, me thinks!!
Let me know what you think?

ABC - Viva Love
(Brothers in Rhythm Remix)

Monday, 11 May 2009

This should Evoke some great memories!!

If you haven't heard this before, then you really need to check this out.
This is a really great track.
It's starts off really slow and melodic with whispery vocals, then mid song it kicks in; seriously raises the tempo and raises the roof with it. In kicks "Klatch - God Save The Queer" sample, which in itself is a fantastic track and is already uploaded on this blog.
This track used to absolutely rock in clubs.
Shout out to Tom who suggested it - definitley a Pure Club Claasic.

Evoke - Runaway

Oh Lord have Sweet Mercy on me!!

Here's another old skool fave with some legendary lyrics, that have been sampled in so many clubs tracks.
"Come with me to the dancefloor, You and me, that's what it's for"
"Show me now what it is, you've got to be doing, and the music in the house is so soothing"
"I wanna Dance the night away"
This one goes out to Tom who I know loves this track.
Hope you enjoy fella.

Sweet Mercy - Take Me Away

Saturday, 9 May 2009

Staying with the Balearic Beats!!! - Get on this Rollercoaster!!

Continuing on the Balearic vibe.
This is another piece of Balearic Bliss.
This is a track I've always loved and is perferct for a summers day, funky, with some great piano and vocals that simply melt you.
"Everything you did and everything you said" "I love it"
Simply a a classic tune!!!

Ariel - Rollercoaster

Why? Because it's an all time Club Classic??

Here's an all time classic. This is true Balearic and one of those tunes that made so much sense when dropped in the middle of a set, when everyone was blissed out.
It still sounds as good now as it did when it was first released.
Quite simply a beautiful tune and a slice of pure Balearic heaven.

Carly Simon - Why

A little bit of Quality from a future Star!!!

I've been playing this alot recently and think it's a great track.
Natasha Bedingfield is very talented and a superb vocalist with a great future.
Hence take a club classic (Chicane's - Salt Water) blend it with Natasha'a great vocals and a great remix and you have a bonafide club classic.
Give it a few listens it turns into a real monster with loads of feeling and passion.
Those who like BiR remixes will like the way this builds and delivers,.
A top track!!

Chicane Featuring Natasha Bedingfield - Bruised Water
(Michael Woods Full On Vocal Mix)

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A Club Classic with legendary status!!!

Lets go back, way back, back into time.
Now this is a club classic in the truest sense. This one dates back to 1989 and still sounds just as fresh now as it did back then. Hard to imagine that this is 20 years old.
A truly fantastic track, produced by no other than DJ legend Todd "The God" Terry, under one of his many aliases.
Turn on, Tune in and Drop out. Simply Awesome!!

Orange Lemon - Dreams of Santa Anna
(Extended Club Mix)

Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Let's have another BiR Classic!!!

I really like this track. The Cure were a fantastic band and made some fabulous songs, even though Robert Smith was a bit weird and wore some terribly dodgy clothes and even dodgier make up.
This is a classic Cure track - remixed by the BiR guru's to excellent effect, accompanied by some great vocals.
Now this is balearic heaven.
Check this one out!!!

Naimee Coleman - Love Song
(Brothers in Rhythm Remix)

Keep this as a Souvenir!!

BiR display there brilliance yet again by transforming a good OMD song into a great club track.
OMD made some fantastic pop songs and here BiR retain the essence of the original, but of course spread a little of their magic remix dust.
A much gentler paced track than usual BiR stuff, just a nice little vibe, perfect for winding down the night or dropping in a bit of balearic brilliance - mid set.

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark - Souvenir
(Brothers in Rhythm Remix)

Gonna Lift You Up!!! - You Bet!!!

This is a faily well known track (commercialised by Loveland) and one which was widely played out in clubs.
However, in my opinion this is by far the best version and remix of this track, which turns it into a huge piano epic. It's that bit when the piano kicks in on the key change - awesome.
Turn it up loud.
This track really rocked the dancefloors and brings back some excellent memories of nights at Cream.
This is sure to lift you up!!
Big shout to Mark S for providing this, his blog is top notch, so give it a visit;
Darlene Lewis - Let The Music (Lift You Up)
(Reese Inner City Club Mix)

No Escaping this - another Jimmy Gomez belter!!

Here's another belter from the remix maestro that is Jimmy Gomez.
It's not quite as instant as some of his stuff on this blog, but it is none the less worthy of Club Classic status. It is one that really grows on you, hence give it a few listens, before drawing any conclusions. Also check out the ending as it provides a great hands in the air finale.
Big respect to Goff for supplying this track to me and check his blog out as it is real quality;

Dina Carrol - Escaping
(Jimmy Gomez Remix)

Monday, 4 May 2009

I'm a Wonderful Thing Baby!!

I've been searching for this for ages, another great track which BiR turn into a club monster.
Take one of the funniest, cheesiest 80's tracks from Kid Creole and his Coconuts give it to BiR and they transform it into a club classic as only they can do.
It's all a bit tongue in cheek, but brilliant all the same.
I'm sure you'll love it.
"Take a look at me see I couldn't look no better"
"Girl I'm at my peak"
Simply classic.
P.S. Hope you like the coconuts!!

Kid Creole and the Coconuts - I'm a Wonderful Thing Baby
(Brothers in Rhythm Remix)

Fancy another Classic from BiR's team!!

This brings back some brilliant memories of the Hacienda and is yet another simply fantastic mix from the BiR team (well just Steve Anderson this time).
Paul McCartney is probably one of the greatest recording artists that ever lived, so great that he gets a feature on a club classics blog. Also glad he got rid of that silly cow, Heather, she was only ever after his wedge.
The track is (as expected from BiR) beautifully produced with some amazing piano and a really great feel, that went down a storm in the Hac (there's very little Macca in it though!!).
Thanks to Marks S for this from
which is a great blog, so check it out.

Paul McCartney - Hope of Deliverance
(Steve Anderson Mix)

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Yet another classic from the BiR stable!!

Surprise, Surprise, yet another fantastic BiR remix.
This time they turn an Alanis Morissette track into a club monster.
I've always thought Alanis was a great singer and extremely talented, so team her with the greatest remixers on earth and you're bound to get a monster.
Apparently this was a huge classic at Reniassance and was frequently played as last track of the night by Sasha and John Digweed. Enough said!!

Alanis Morissette - Univited
(Brothers in Rhythm Remix)

The Chosen Few vs Outrage - Which is best?? You Choose?

Just as the last post here is a track which samples the piano riff from another club classic.
Again thanks to Graham P for sharing this.
After a few listens this track really grows on you and is a great adaption on the Outrage classic.
However, Tall and Handsome was one of the great Club Classics and hence in my opinion is still the better of the two tracks. Especially the Nush remix which enhanced the original.
Check all 3 and let me know what you think?
Definitely 3 club Classics though.

The Chosen Few - Nobody's Business

Outrage - Tall 'n' Handsome
(Original Mix)

Outrage - Tall 'n' Handsome
(Nush Mix)

Twist vs 2 Funky 2 - Which is best???

There a lots of great tracks out there which share samples, have the same piano breaks, riffs, chords, etc.
This is a great track by Twist and once again supplied by Graham P (Cheers Pal).
It has exactly the same piano riff as 2 Funky 2 - Brothers and Sisters, but a slightly different vibe and the "I'll be there for you" lyrics.
So which is best - Twist or 2 Funky 2?
I think I still favour 2 Funky 2.
Regardless, they are both Club Classics!!
Listen to both and tell me what you think?

Twist - I'll Be There

2 Funky 2 - Brothers and Sisters

Let's have lots of Joy and Happiness!!

A great little "feel good factor" tune, that shoudl bring plenty of Joy and Happiness.
It's one of those tunes that you can't help but like.
Big shout out to Graham P (Earthakit) for suggesting this track and also providing the link.
Respect Fella.

Stabbs - Joy and Happiness
(JJ Miss Universe Mix)

Saturday, 2 May 2009

Let's have some more Bottom Dollar!!

Another mighty fine track, this time with Bottom Dollar on the mix.
This track was widely hammered by most of the nations rocking DJs.
It starts slowly but leads into a big piano breakdown.
"You, You You, You You You You, You are"
"We going on down, down to this funky town"

Deadly Sins - We Going On Down
(Bottom Dollar Mix)

Friday, 1 May 2009

This is Top Dollar - never mind Bottom Dollar!!

A really great club track, great lyrics, vocals, rhythm, piano. This one has the lot.
I really like most of Bottom Dollar's stuff whether it's production or remixing, they have made some corkers over the years and more will feature on this blog in the future.
"You can't turn around and throw away the love I've found"
Quality. Quality!!

Bottom Dollar - You Can't Turn Around

Now this is pure Balearic Brilliance!!

For those who follow this blog, my love of Brothers in Rhythm remixes has been widely noted.
And yes you got it, heres another one. This time just Steve Anderson (and not Dave S), but as usual it is the same extremly high BiR quality.
Some may think of the track as cheesy and possibly a bit like something "Steps" might make.
However, play it a couple of times and you will love it.
This is what I'd classify as "Pure Balearic Brilliance", the sort of track that could be dropped mid-set and the crowd woud simply go wild.
It would have been brilliant at clubs like Vague or Paradise Factory, clubs where there was no ego, pretence and anything went, where anything was dropped as long as it was rockin'.
Balearic Brilliance or Pure Cheese?? You know my thoughts!!

Olivia Newton John - Xanadu 2000
(Re-Glittered by Steve Anderson and His Merry Mirrorball Men 12'' Mix)

A true Vague Classic!! Anyone for a disco biscuit??

Those "Boys" TWA (Trannies With Attitude) sure knew how to rock the place. They were the resident DJs at Vague in Leeds and used to play some fantastic tunes back in 1993.
Vague was one of those clubs that you had to see to believe. Very gay, very camp, but the girls in there were fantastic and most importantly the music and atmosphere was simply amazing.
Being strictly hetero lads (and girls) it was always a challenge to get in as Madam JoJo would scrutinise and question you on the way in. Madam JoJo also features on the track and can now be heard hosting on Galaxy 105.
I remember being there when this track was played live for the very first time.
It was put on last track of the night with the first acetate pressing, as you can imagine the place absolutely erupted and this went on to be the Vague anthem.
Turn up the volume loud and go crazy to this one. Oh yeah the disco bicuits helped too!!
Disco!! Disco!! Disco!! Disco!! Disco!!

TWA - Disco Biscuit
(TWA Remix)