Saturday, 4 February 2017

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Another awesome track.
It beggars belief why I've not posted this earlier as it was a huge PCC in all the self respecting clubs of the 90's.
Simply huge.
Great Perfecto remix from Oakey/Osb, quite different from their normal style.
Adeva was undoubtedly one of the great vocal talents of our generation.
Pure class!

Adeva - Don't Let It Show On Your Face
(Full Length Perfecto Mix)

I (might be) leaving you!

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Love this track.
Very powerful vocals and great delivery.
The lyrics are quality and the track just kicks on.
Top notch house music.

DJ Pierre Featuring LaVette - I Might Be Leavin' U
(Mad House Mix)

Friday, 3 February 2017

All I want, all I need.....

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Another stormer of a track.
Love the middle bit that just builds and builds and then kicks off.
Followed by the bit 7.30 in that goes all Mariah-esque, then builds and kicks in again.
Top drawer.
"All I want, All I need is someone to hold.."

Veronica - All I Need Is Someone To Hold
(Johnny Vicious Full Length Dance Mix)

It's another one night stand....

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A simply amazing piece of music.
"It's another one night stand, cos it makes me feel; like a real man"
It's probably pushing it a touch calling it dance music, but this would be perfect in any club chill out room.
A beautiful remix, all 13 and a half minutes of it.
Music to soothe your soul.

The Aloof - One Night Stand
(The Long Night And The Samba - Ashley Beedle Remix)