Saturday, 20 May 2017

Loving this at the moment!

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Just picked this up recently which is currently big on the club scene and right up my street.
It's been heavily touted on Radio 1 and deservedly so.
It's not often I post current tracks on the PCC Blog, but this one is very hot at the moment and worthy of PCC status.
Get on it!

Yotto - Wilderness Girl
(Original Mix)

Who needs it?

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Well I most certainly need some of this.
It's been posted on the PCC blog some time ago, but that was by a guest poster, so I thought I'd post myself and add a bit of commentary.
The track itself is sensational and was a massive track for Oakey in the 90's and a regular feature of his epic sets, including many an Essential Mix.
It is a fantastic remix by Danny Tengalia, possibly his finest hour.
The track is just one long journey of sensational pleasure, floating along beautifully with Debbie Harry's luscious vocals and some very catchy lyrics.
"Some days are all Mondays.
Sort of time on ice.
It seems like jet planes sit on runways under clear blue skies.
Who needs it?

Nothing is real but the girl.
Nothing is real but me.

Money goes to money in a figure eight; around me.
Money where will love be, when you liquidate, you're drowning.

Nothing is real but the girl, nothing is real but me.
Nothing is real but the girl, nothing is real but me.

Wind down.
Put your mind down like your missing school.
I'll teach you to find out while your dying in your living room how much you need me.

Nothing is real but the girl, nothing is real but me.
Nothing is real but the girl, nothing is real but me.

Nothing is real but the girl, nothing is real but me.
Nothing is real but the girl, nothing is real but me."

A truly sensational track!

Blondie - Nothing Is Real But The Girl
(Danny Tenaglia Club Mix)

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Coming home!!

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Totally loving this track.
I heard it recently on an Oakey mix and instantly fell in love with it.
Great to know that there are still some quality tracks being made (this one is 2014).
However, can't help feeling it needs to be longer, as it ends too abruptly.
If any of you DJ techies/remixers, wants to re-work it and send me a longer version, that'd be much appreciated.
This one would have gone down a stormer in the clubs I used to frequent back in the day, like the Hac, Cream, Basics, Soak, Ronsons etc.

Dotan - Home
(The Him Mix)

Danger, Danger!

Image result for billy ocean
Danger, Danger, seriously quality track.
Well the last track was nearly 30 years old, this one is over 40 years old, dating back to 1975 and again it still sounds amazing.
I've not heard it for ages, but funnily enough heard it again while watching Peter Kay's - Car Share and just remembered what a fantastic track it is.
Fantastic vocal performance from Billy Ocean - his best IMHO.
A Pure Club Classic is every sense!

Billy Ocean - Red Light Spells Danger
(1987 12'' Remix)

Back with a corker!

Image result for house music

It's been a long while since I last posted, as I just don't seem to have the time these days.
However, my passion for top class dancefloor classics from back int' day never wane.
This is a corker.
It's almost 30 years old and still sounds amazing.

Hithouse - The Deep Piano House

Saturday, 18 March 2017

A little bit glorious!

Image result for glorious
This is indeed a trifle glorious!
Beautiful ethereal vocals, a little bit like Novocento.
Very uplifting.

Mary-Jess - Glorious
7th Heaven Club Mix)

I believe!!

Image result for I Believe
Keeping it on a positive vibe!
A cracking track, very gospel, but very well produced.
A top notcher piece of classic house!
I always love a track that slows down/stops and then kicks back in.
Just believe!

The Absolute featuring Suzanne Palmer - I Believe 
(Mark's Full On Gospel Mix)

Never give's such a wonderful life!

Image result for Wonderful Life
"Never give up... it's such a wonderful life".
First time I've posted in ages, but back with a bang.
A cracking track this one, with some Freemasons magic.
ThePCC  blog still rolls on and will continue to bring some corking tunes in the future!

Hurts - Wonderful Life
(Freemasons Club Mix)

Saturday, 4 February 2017

Image result for Adeva
Another awesome track.
It beggars belief why I've not posted this earlier as it was a huge PCC in all the self respecting clubs of the 90's.
Simply huge.
Great Perfecto remix from Oakey/Osb, quite different from their normal style.
Adeva was undoubtedly one of the great vocal talents of our generation.
Pure class!

Adeva - Don't Let It Show On Your Face
(Full Length Perfecto Mix)

I (might be) leaving you!

Image result for Leaving you
Love this track.
Very powerful vocals and great delivery.
The lyrics are quality and the track just kicks on.
Top notch house music.

DJ Pierre Featuring LaVette - I Might Be Leavin' U
(Mad House Mix)

Friday, 3 February 2017

All I want, all I need.....

Image result for someone to hold
Another stormer of a track.
Love the middle bit that just builds and builds and then kicks off.
Followed by the bit 7.30 in that goes all Mariah-esque, then builds and kicks in again.
Top drawer.
"All I want, All I need is someone to hold.."

Veronica - All I Need Is Someone To Hold
(Johnny Vicious Full Length Dance Mix)

It's another one night stand....

Image result for one night stand
A simply amazing piece of music.
"It's another one night stand, cos it makes me feel; like a real man"
It's probably pushing it a touch calling it dance music, but this would be perfect in any club chill out room.
A beautiful remix, all 13 and a half minutes of it.
Music to soothe your soul.

The Aloof - One Night Stand
(The Long Night And The Samba - Ashley Beedle Remix)