Saturday, 27 June 2015

Woah, Black Betty bam ba lam!!

Probably not what you'd expect on the PCC site, but if you've ever heard this dropped in a club you know the effect it has on the dancefloor.
Right up there with Nirvana and other great rock tracks which dropped at the right time were awesome.
These were the tracks which made your night.
The ones you'd never forget.
This was the essence of Balearic!

Ram Jam - Black Betty

Feel the rain!

Not quite as instant as "The Phoenix", but all the same another cracking track from God Within aka Scott Hardkiss (R.I.P).
This one is much more mellow, but is a great piece of laid back floaty trance.
Get on it!

God Within - Raincry
(Original Mix)

See the stars!!

A quality piece of Indie Dance.
Always loved this and still do.
Class never fades.
Great remix.

Poppy Factory - Stars
(Flying Touchdown Mix)

Crazy for you!!

This one will split opinion.
I love a bit of cheesy Italo Disco.
Very Hi-NRG, but very catchy.
Probably not one for the purists, but who cares.

Mc Brain - Loving You Forever 
(Extended Mix)

Sunday, 14 June 2015

Boys who love girls!!

This is pretty topical with Blur making a bit of a comeback.
A tad on the cheesey side, but always catchy when heard out in a club.
Quite a bit of pilfering going on here with riffs and lyrics pulled from loads of tracks.
See how many you can spot. There's plenty!
Although the mix played out in clubs was the Original Mix check the P.C.P. Classic Piano Mix.
That rocks!!

Pianoman - Blurred
(Original Mix)

Pianoman - Blurred
(P.C.P. Classic Piano Mix)

Something wrong with Human Nature?

Alright peeps, apologies about the lack of activity recently.
Here we are back with a bang.
Probably slightly more on the indie-dance vibe, than a true club track.
A top track mind.
Oakey/Osbourne on the mix.
I think this also made the Top 40, oops losing my cred posting pop tracks!
"Sometimes people do the strangest things"
"There's something wrong with Human Nature"

Gary Clail  On-U Sound System
Human Nature
(On The Mix)