Saturday, 13 September 2014

Over and over and over again!!

An absolutely quality track, but that's what you'd expect when you put together one of my favourite pop bands and one of my favourite remixers.
This ones for DJ Wolf e.
Enjoy fella!!

Saint Etienne - Sylvie
(Trouser Enthusiasts' Tintinnabulation Mix)

Another corker!!

Absolute corker of a track this one.
A massive Parky track.
House music at it's very best.
I love everything about this track, from the opening bar to the vocals, the great pianom, the pulsing rhythm.
10 minutes of sheer pleasure.
Pure quality!!

Simone - Hey Fellas
(Club Vocal Mix)

One of my all time favourites!

I know I've posted this before, but I'm re-posting as it's certainly worthy of it.
It's one of my all time faves and really should have featured in my Top 30 fave tracks list, which could maybe do with a refresh.
The whole ambience of this track is sensational.
It just puts me in a different place!
Worth checking the Pete Shelley version also which this is ripped from.

Sined Roza - I Don't Know What It Is 
(Extended Mix)

An all time classic!!

I haven't played this for ages and heard it again recently and it brought all the memories flooding back.
One of the greatest remixes of all time, it still sounds amazing.
This was truly ground breaking and further cemented the legend of Oakey.
Those were exciting times.
I particularly remember it being dropped at Back to Basics in Leeds back in '92 and the roof nearly came off
Take me higher indeed!!

U2 - Even Better Than The Real Thing
(The Perfecto Mix)

"Rockin' this day here"

Well that's what I used to sing to this..
Alright, it sounds a bit cheesey now, but it was a major tune back in the day and had an amazing effect on the dancefloor.
When that piano kicks in at 1.42 - you know its a hands in the air moment!!

DJ Professor - Rock Me Steady
(Plus Staples Mix)

Go on Michelle!!

Cracking track, nothing to do with Michelle Keegan, but she looks great so just enough reason to post.

Michelle - Standing Here Alone
(Gems For Jem Vocal Mix)

Saturday, 6 September 2014

Another banger!!

On the stomping trance vibe once again.
This is pretty epic, topped off with some exquisite vocals.
Immense and intense at the same time!!

The Morrighan - Remember (To The Millennium)
(Lange Remix)

It's a movin' melodies production!!

Just in case you didn't know!
Always loved this track.
Simple but effective.
Interesting track title, better not google that and post an image.

Indica - Labia

Keep it in the family!!

I'm testing my credibility here, but staying on the Minogue sisters vibe.
Yeah, I know this is poppy as hell, but I remember hearing Jon of Pleased Wimmin drop it when I was on the floor at Back 2 Basics and it absolutely set the place alight.
It's all about the timing!!

Kylie Minogue - What Do I have To Do
(Pumpin' Mix)


No not Dannii, the track!
As with pretty much every Trouser Enthusiasts' remix, this is immense.
Those guys certainly know how to re-create bangin' tracks.
This is right on it!!
Just wait till it takes off, feels like the roofs going to go!!
Dannii never sounded so good.

Dannii Minogue - Everything I Wanted
(Trouser Enthusiasts' Golden Delicious Mix)


A little piece of trance heaven from the man like!!
I wasn't always a big fan of a lot of Sasha's productions as I often felt they were over hyped and failed to live up to the expectations.
Many were tool long and just took too long to kick off, they always felt self indulgent.
This however, is top notch and although over 11 minutes long it is captivating from start to finish.
A definite trance masterclass!!
Get on it!!

Sasha - Xpander