Sunday, 9 June 2013

It was one night in heaven!!

Always loved this track and remember seeing M-People live and singing this in a club on my 21st birthday many moons ago, which was an amazing night that left some abiding memories.
Heather Small was tops and an amazing vocalist.
4 fantastic versions all of which provide something different.
I love them all.
The Master is probably the best known and probably my fave.
The Classic Mix is Morales at his finest sounding very Frankie Knuckles-esque - a la as the title suggests Classic House.
The Morales Club Mix is just one rocking piano vibe - huge!!
The Morales Tradegy Dub is similar to the Club Mix although as the title suggests dubbier with less vocals.

M-People - One Night In Heaven
(Master Mix)

M-People - One Night In Heaven
(Morales Classic Mix)

M-People - One Night In Heaven
(Morales Club Mix)

M-People - One Night In Heaven
(Morales Tragedy Dub) 


Manchestersimon said...

Saw them live at Cream, they were incredible! They're back on the road again soon too.

Anonymous said...

PCC all the way!