Saturday, 29 September 2012

These are my people and I love them all the same!!

Alright people, here's back with another old skool classic.
I used to love this - it was a real feel good track and one that was really emotionally powerful when you were blissed out in a club.
There was no better feeling than hearing this and looking round and seeing everyone with their hands in the air singing along feel the same vibe.
The track really captured the essence of the vibe that was so strong in 1991, it expressed such a strong feeling of unity.
Those are the times we lived, we loved and we will never forget.
The track has a fantastic vibe, some superb lyrics, some great piano - all in all a total PCC.
"Standing on the edge of our freedom, knowledge is the key, the key for you and me"
"These are my, these are my people and I love them all the same"
"These are my, these are my people and I know them all by name"
Oh the memories.

Members Of The House - These Are My People
(Rainbow Edit)

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Do not resist the beat!!

Alright people, apologies again from my side for the lack of recent posts.
Good to see that Adam's been keeping you topped up with some quality PCCs.
Here's an old skool classic from 1992 that I used to love and still do.
It's catchy as hell with a great little riff that buzzes through it.
You may not know it by title, but as soon as you hear the riff and the following lyrics you will.
"Do not resist the beat, let the beat control your body"
A little corker this one.

Westwon - Control
(Dominator Mix)

Balearic bliss from Gerald!!

Here's a a track that will take you back, way back!!
An absolute classic piece of Balearic bliss from A Guy Called Gerald.
This track is completely timeless and still sounds as good today as it did back in 1989.
It has a beautiful vibe that is so endearing and always puts me in a "bubble of bliss".
On this blog when we talk about dance music nowadays and how it doesn't compare to the music which was made back in the late 80's and 90's - this is exactly what we are referring too.
The vibe and emotions that tracks like this provide as just streets ahead.
I hope this touches you the way if does me.
Feel the vibe and keep the spirit alive!!

A Guy Called Gerald - Emotions Electric

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Everything Is Right

On my thirteenth birthday I received cassette album entitled 'Everything Is Wrong' by Moby. Upon receipt of this gift it was played unendingly, until the inevitable occurred and the tape ended up getting chewed up and had to be discarded. That incident doesn't detract from Moby's opus being utterly spectacular in every respect. Although some of the tracks on it were a bit questionable, the presence of euphoric classics such as 'Feeling So Real' and 'Everytime You Touch Me' more than atones. 'Into the Blue' proved another highlight; an atmospheric ambient number in its original form featuring the plaintive warblings of Mimi Goese. The Beatmasters were commissioned to provide the single version, which they do with some aplomb, enhancing the chilled out nature of the original. Moby's own 'Simple' mix, also featured here, pares down the vocal and transforms the track into a piano monster of the highest calibre. Great album, great artist, great vocals, great remixes, great track.

Moby - Into the Blue (Beatmasters Mix)

Moby - Into the Blue (Simple Mix)


This guitar-based stormer did some severe damage back in the summer of '96. Emanating from the Steppin' Out stable north of the border, Technocat had previously hit big with their eponymous track 'Technocat', some versions of which featured a rather unusual spoken-word vocal with the refrain 'We are human' relentlessly repeated in rather an hypnotic way. 'It's Gonna Be Alright' proved equally as massive, although some misguided soul thought it pertinent to add a very silly vocal to the original instrumental. This is one of my all time favourite tracks, it evokes some fantastic memories and is once more evidence, if it were needed, of the fact that they don't make them like this any more.

Technocat - It's Gonna Be Alright (Spanish Guitar Instrumental) 

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Into the Mystic

Here's a third unutterable classic to round off this morning's posts. 'Mystic Motion' was released on the then fledgling Distinct'Ive label in 1996. Comprising a collaboration between Italo-house outfit Datura, and the legendary Billie Ray Martin, 'Mystic Motion' is elevated to another level entirely by dint of an astounding remix from Hybrid. A pumping epic of the first variety, Hybrid's remix dissolves into a breakbeat frenzy whilst at once foregrounding the unmistakable vocals of BRM. 'Mystic Motion' certainly raised the profile of the then little-known Welsh breaks outfit, and, all things considered, this track remains one of the best, early Distinct'Ive releases.

Datura With Billie Ray Martin - Mystic Motion (Hybrid's Full Journey)

Bullitt In the Gun

Referencing Blue Amazon in the Jayn Hanna post caused me to ruminate that perhaps they've been a touch overlooked on the blog in the past. Their contribution to the epic house canon, with 'No Other Love' and 'Star of David', simply cannot be denied. So, after some deliberation, here is one of the finest remixes they ever put out. 'Cried to Dream' surfaced in '96 on the :VC: imprint, a label that was on top form back then. The track was most noted for Blue Amazon's hugely epic remix which served to further raise the act's profile. Some four years later 'Cried to Dream' surfaced again, this time in a limited quantity. Max Graham's remix, as lifted from Oakey's 'Travelling' compilation, tastefully updates the track for twenty-first century pallets, excising a lot of the vocals whilst retaining the epic feel of the BA mix. 

Bullitt - Cried to Dream (Amazonian Vocal)

Bullitt - Cried to Dream (Max Graham's 2000 Remix)

Summer Vibes

Given it's such a beautiful morning I thought it would be apt to post a summery number, despite the fact that this is inevitably the last decent weekend of the year, weather-wise. Vocalist Jayn Hanna is perhaps best remember for the proggy '96 classic 'Lovelight', but 'River of Tears' slipped by almost unnoticed on promo only in mid-1999. Produced by Evolution, the original mixes are a bit too meandering for my tastes, but hidden away on the flip-side was this gorgeous house re-invention from Grant Nelson. This track has a real summer vibe to it. Also featured here is the follow up to 'Lovelight', in the shape of the equally classic 'Lost Without You', a track that surfaced at the beginning of 1997 and remains one of Evolution's best productions, in my opinion. By the way if any of you henceforth are attempting to download 'Storm In My Soul' by Kama Sutra, it's been removed due to some alleged violation or some such similar bollocks. 

Jayn Hanna - River of Tears (Grant Nelson's Club Mix)

Jayn Hanna - Lost Without You (Evolution Main Mix)