Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Lethal Injection

'Injected With A Poison' is, irrefutably, a rave classic whose enduring popularity has resulted in innumerable and regular re-releases. As a lover of the original I generally greeted the reworks with derision on account of the fact that they appeared to be almost uniformly hard-house hoovertastic affairs that couldn't hold a candle to the original. However, the US re-release from 1998 featured this gem nestled in its midst, care of the ever-dependable DJ Taucher. Taucher's remix thankfully foregrounds the piano, excises the chainsaws and ultimately constitutes a behemothic, yet tastefully updated, trance number. 

Praga Khan With Jade 4U - Injected With A Poison (DJ Taucher Remix)

Don't Minds If I Do

Released in 1996 - a belting year for Perfecto, as well as dance music in general - 'Brand New Day' is a joyous, rapturous affair encapsulating the epic house sound and featuring some powerhouse vocals (I'm not entirely sure whose, as the vocalist isn't credited, but it sounds not dissimilar to Merle Forbes, of Planet Perfecto and Konkrete fame). This excellent edit by the legendary Dekkard & Dane is everything you'd expect of one of their productions, epic, uplifting, just huge. Why a full length remix was never issued is beyond me. D&D's edit is nicely complemented by a proggier version from Quivver, basking in the wake of his phenomenal remix of 'Dreamtime' by fellow Perfecto artist Zee.

Minds Of Men - Brand New Day (Dekkard & Dane Edit)

Minds Of Men - Brand New Day (Quivver Vocal Mix)

Friday, 22 June 2012

Magic Wand

This track was promo'd in 1997 and did some serious damage owing both to the mammoth original mix and the superlative reworks from Forthright and John 00 Fleming. Produced by legendary hard house and hardbag exponent Paul Masterson, 'Happiness' constitutes a joyous and frantic offering showcasing the awesome vocals of Jeanie Tracy. Though scheduled for a release on Deconstriction, the track was pulled, purportedly as its theme was deemed incompatible with 'the mood of the nation' following Lady Di's demise; which is a bit harsh. Surely she would have approved?

Wand Featuring Jeanie Tracy - Happiness (Original Mix)

Serial Killer

'Your Love' marked Inner City's return from something of a hiatus, their previous release being the rather more underground 'Ahnongay'. 'Your Love' was co-produced by Serial Diva, who stamp their highly distinct mark on proceedings; the monumental buildup yielding eventually to some rhapsodical piano complemented of course by the silky vocals of Paris Grey and Ann Saunderson. This is my favourite Inner City track, it was massive at the end of '95 and enhanced the profile of Serial Diva as a production force to be reckoned with. 

Inner City - Your Love (Serial Diva Paris Is Burning Club Mix)

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Feel me, feel me, love energy!!

Alright all, I hope you are all well out there and are enjoying the Euro 2012 football.
Good to see England finally get a win last night, although yet again it was pretty unbearable to watch.
As much as I try to be the eternal optimist - I have to admit we're pretty crap really and haven't got a hope in hell of winning the tournament.
I would dearly hope that these words come back to haunt me and I eat humble pie, but I just don't see it.
Come on England - "Feel the Energy" you need all the support you can get!!!
Alright back to the music, here's an absolutely blockbuster of a track.
Packed full of energy, life and vibrance with some delightful piano thrown in for good measure.
It takes a while to get going so be patient, but boy does it explode!
This was a really great track back int'day in 1992 and a real floor filler, it was just one of those tracks that everyone loved and we all went wild to.
Top notch, I say!!

The Zeony Lee Experience - Love Energy
(The 3.03 From London Mix)

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Tune of the holiday!!!

Alright people I hope all is well.
I've just arrived back from my hols and this was definitely the tune of the holiday.
Yes, I know it its terribly commercial (and cheesy) but I'm loving it at the moment.
I hardly went to the clubbing capital of the world (Gumbet, Turkey), but a clubbing holiday wasn't on the agenda (I'm much too old for that) although we did manage a night at Club Pasha until 4am.
However, the music was absolutely dreadful cheesy, chart nonsense and a DJ who couldn't even mix, we had a good night though, although it wasn't clubbing as I know it.
About the track, well it's just dead catchy, very current and features a rather attractive young lady from Romania Alexandra Stan (pictured) singing rather some nice catchy vocals (check the video). However, as with many many dance tracks I love, it's the piano which really makes it special.
Look I know it's cheesy, but have a few listens, talk about catchy.
Let me know your thoughts folks.
Have I just blown my PCC cred??

Alexandra Stan - Get Back ASAP
(Original Extended Mix)